Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sony W252: Water Resistant Cordless MP3

For those of you who have been keeping in tune to my quite dreary life, you know that I have just rendered a review on the Sony NWZ-W202. Well, the poor running gear companion of Sony didn't serve its purpose, it didn't make it to the gym but once. After that, it got wet and with water being electronic's waterloo, it fried the circuit and ultimately rendered the W202 futile and beyond repairable.

My former company, Sony Center, did replace it with a new model Sony NWZ-W252 after several attempts of countless follow up with their Service Center, and another countless follow up of inventory management, as they initially don't have stocks on the white model when I claim for unit replacement.

Now the label says Water Resistant(*) where (*) meant "not to be immersed or in continuous contact with water."

The replacement came in sealed fresh with a reset warranty period.

But having used the W202 for almost a year(just as a boredom buster but not a gym companion), let's take a look at their notable difference:

Even if both of them sports 2Gb of internal storage, the W202 can accommodate 500songs, only 470songs in the W252. The W202 supports MP3, WMA, AAC, WMA DRM, AA Audible, while only MP3, WMA, AAC for W252. Display for W252 has quite an improvement as it displays not just Battery Level but USB Connection as well. 12hours of continuous playback for W202, only 11hours for W252.

With the specs superiority of the W202, being a water resistant in the W252's chart is still a deal breaker for me when it comes to quality upmanship.


  1. i have a pink one like this and i absolutely love it! i actually tested the "water resistant" feature by taking this with me on a boat ride to Camiguin and I wore it while showering. LOL. buti na lang it still works. LOL (mischievious laugh)

  2. @Catie: you got the 2nd gen, if you got the 1st gen, you wouldn't be using one now. it's water-frailed.


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