Thursday, December 23, 2010

AppleCare Protection Plan: Extending your Apple Service Coverage up to 3years

Damn if you do? Or damn if you don't.

I just got my AppleCare Protection Plan from Apple Philippines which raises the eyebrows of my colleagues saying "why bother."

Well, for one, Apple products are essentially expensive. And thus any repairs, hardware replacement or service diagnostics, cost an arm and a leg. And the AppleCare is your gateway to access all the service entitlements of Apple product for two years. That translates a worry-free service guarantee with my MacBookPro if in case it conks out.

APP is an integrated service and support solution that extends Outright/Express Warranty coverage on Apple products up to three years(including your standard complimentary coverage of 1year) from your purchase period. This comprehensive plan comprises phone support from Apple Experts, global repair coverage, onsite repairs for select units(desktop computers), online support resources, and powerful diagnostic tools - all crunched in a Php13,490 price point. I recommend purchasing one along with your purchase of your system to take the maximum advantage it provides.

However, you have to do it(purchase and registartion) right before your warranty expires. Otherwise damn if you don't.


  1. I didn't purchase warranty extension ; (
    Merry Christmas

  2. @michelle: hindi naman nasisira yung mac eh, kaso i am just prepping for the worst. :)


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