Saturday, December 11, 2010

House of Lasagna

The J.Abad Santos has gradually evolved into a restaurant strip in San Juan, with some of the most talked-about restaurants that mushroomed within the area. The anticipatory remark that San Juan is merely a tiangge republic has been reshaped by these restaurants, where most of them essentially thrived via viral marketing.

After an expunged basketball session with the basketball wanna-be's--- who cold-bloodedly didn't show up(evading defeat? or fearing for their lives) without even giving us a txt--- fellow mobile professional and film critic friend, Edgie and I decided to hit the House of Lasagna. He accordingly heard the restaurant from Eat Bulaga, while I became aware of it through my other foodie network.

House of Lasagna is a quaint little find, sitting one unit apart from the SereniTea, my other favorite tea bar. I meant literally little as it was really small that one table from ours is just one foot apart. I can literally hear what they(people from other table) were talking, and it could also be because of their similarly and literally small speaker system. The wall's vibrant yellow paint and colorful hanged decors add up to the zest of the place, while the woody tables and chairs complemented its homey feel.

The restaurant is owned by Chef Erick Congmon, from a dynasty of restauranteurs. I used to know his lineage from my ancestral roots in Cebu, where their family owned Sunburst Restaurant, one that is emblazoned as an institution known for serving really delicious fried chickens, long before the Jollibee's Chicken Joy came to the scene.

We ordered a Pesto Lasagna(Php180) and Beef Lasagna(Php180) because we were ill-informed that the Chicken Lasagna is not available, only to have found out that it will just take 17min of prep time. They could have extended us a courtesy to choose either to wait or jump into another course, as we barely also waited 15min for the Southern Fried Chicken(Php180). The lasagna was just right, not too soggy, not too soft but the inner layer seemed to have less meat. But the chicken is topnotch, as you could actually see the glabrous texture of the skin, unlike the overbreaded chickens found in fastfoods-- a credit that may have been earned from a lengthy experience in serving best fried chicken in Cebu. Along with it we also ordered an additional Home-made Garlic Bread(Php40). Overall, their lasagna was ok for its price, but not really spectacular for its taste.

If you're in the area, there are so many foodie's joint to choose from. Indeed, the hills in San Juan is not only green, it's also alive and cooking.


  1. ano ba yan john, you made me crave for pasta.grrr!

    the lasagna beef looks good sa picture, specially the garlic bread.

  2. @Katey: masarap naman sila, i was just expecting gapatong patong na lasagna sheets. and more cheese perhaps. pero at a Php180 price point, masarap na sya.

  3. so dinaan na lang sa haba ang lasagna? it looks long though, pwede na rin, parang ka price niya lang mga pastas sa pizza hut.

  4. @Katey: medyo mahaba sya pero di rin naman ganun kataba, or kasiksik. pero ok lang, Php180 lang naman, wala pang service charge.

  5. I ate here a few months ago! :) the pesto lasagna was okay, although i wanted it to be more pesto-y (whut?) than cheesy. :)

    medyo bitin din yung chicken but masarap naman according to my friend :D

    i love this part of san juan. ristras!!! i have yet to try the beijing pulled noodles

  6. @Smarla: oh yes, we also wanted to hit the Ristras and that hand-pulled noodles next time.

  7. e sinu kasama mu kumain dito? hehehe!!!
    Nagutom ako bigla ampt!

  8. I really love those Lasagna. Do they offer extra cheese on it? How about unlimited garlic bread?


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