Sunday, October 7, 2012

Paseo Uno at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel

I was supposed to be at the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival celebration at the Mandarin Oriental when my folks from the astronomical fold called me for a live meet and possibly recording of our maiden cast.. errr… Philippine's first ever astronomy podcast. You heard it right, we are writing the walls of history for forging the first and only astronomical journal which I am proudly sitting as a Managing Editor(acting Editor in Chief) and a first Philippine astronomy podcast. 

So I moved my reservation to Paseo Uno instead for a hearty lunch. The restaurant is best known for having a delectable array of continental dishes spread on their buffet selections. Not only does it exude fine cuisine, it also has an explicable design features including a glass-encased rivulets of water and alluring elements of Spanish tapestry, Japanese paper and Filipino shells. 

Let's see what's in store for us when we dined in at Paseo Uno. 

It's an all-day dining restaurant integrating fine assembly of Asian and Western entrees. The place is perfect for a cozy, chill our sauntering but with all the good food on their buffet, hanging out might just be a waste of time. 

Assorted bread. 

An assortment of cheese.

Cold cuts. Toss them all up with your salad. 

At the salad section.

Cold cuts. Mix it up with your salad. 

This is best combined with your salad. 

Shrimp, plus a Balsamic Vinaigrette makes the best in your salad. 

This is best served with your salad. 

Top your salad with these.  

Salami. Best combined with your salad. 

Cold cuts. Best combined with your salad. 

Seafood section. 

Japanese section. 

Salad section. 

Grilled Chicken. One of their main courses. 

Tasty and the magic lies on the sauce. One of their main courses. 

Tempura station. Tempura is best served hot and right off the pan.  

Shrimp Tempura. 

Shawarma station near the barbecue station. 

They have a shawarma too. 

One of their main courses. 

Potato. One of their main courses. 

Mushroom filled. One of their main courses. 

Curry something. One of their main courses. 

Sweet and spicy. One of their main courses. 

Thai food. 


Asian section. 

Carving station presents a triple combination of Roasted Chicken, Pork Knuckle(Crispy Pata) and a Steak. 

Two-tone fountain, a overfowing with chocolate and a milk. 



Fruit medley.

Mandarin Oriental Cake. So tasty as the way it looks. 

Filipino specialty.


Ice Cream. 





If you want to conclude your meal with a false of their fine ensemble of wines, you can grab a glass or a bottle. I don't know its prices though. 

Upon sitting down, the waiter handed me this. It's a WiFi Card access code free for the first three hours for all diners. The buffet is ope for a three hour window anyway so it's just right for one use.

Courtesy bread with cheese. 

Combination of the best, Pork and Lobster and others. 

I always go first with what's on a carving station, this time a slab of steak in a medium well doneness. 

The grilled seafoods, all with traces of carbon. :)

Pork, sweet, salty and tasty. 

Soup. I sprinkled it with bacon bits. 

Shrimp Tempura, fresh from the pan. 

Dumplings. I wish they have more choices. 

Lobster and barbecue. 

Beef in my own modest plating presentation. 

Halo halo, there's a unexplained joy in mixing them all up. 

Ice cream in an assortment of flavors. 

Mango Ice Cream flavor on top of a Mango Crepe . To preserve the taste of a mango, I had it devoid of a chocolate syrup. I'm a purist in some way. 

It was an engrossing smorgasbord afternoon. I have always been wanting to reduce my in-take volume but with restaurants like this, who has the volition to say no. 

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