Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Search for the Best DROID

I have grown tired of the iOS that I am now teetering a buying frenzy for the best DROID device. Sadly, there is no such thing as a consummate gadget, which means that no matter how powerful your device is, there is always be a trade off. Because each consumer has an assortment of needs, any electronic device can never be perfect for anyone.

Droid version is something that might not be essential at the moment since Froyo(or perhaps Gingerbread and Honeycomb) is already marching towards the horizon for those devices still at Eclair stage.

So let's see the three Android devices that I am stalking at, and see what makes them grin and grimace:

1) Samsung Captivate Galaxy S(SRP Php22,000)


Super AMOLED Screen, high contrast ratio and is vibrant even in direct sunlight

Screen made of Gorilla Glass(from Corningware) which claims to be impervious to virtually any scratches


Samsung TouchWiz sucks

no Camera flash

available only for AT&T

2) HTC Desire HD(Php33,000)


large 4.3" screen

HTC Sense UI is a delight


only uses LCD

because it has a relatively large screen, the battery tend to be a tad too short

3) HTC Desire Z(Php26,000)


SuperLCD screen

HTC Sense is really cool


moving parts can get brittled in time

Why did I not include the Samsung Galaxy S which is available in the Philippines? Well, I don't like the too-rounded corners in a device, which simply put, I don't like how it looks like. And if my pals at HTC are reading this, please mull over(at the very least) a feasibility of creating an HTC Incredible Droid GSM version.


  1. @Peach: hahaha, but who says one should be a techie to know her correspondence needs. you simply had to enumerate what you need and translate it into a device specification, e.g., store lots of pics(memory capacity), play music(media player), edit a word document or spreadsheet entry(productivity suites), take good photos(megapixel configuration), connect with friends(social platform apps) etc.

  2. hi! can i ask where did u get that srp on the galaxy s? i like that phone but from most shops i've been to, they're selling it for about php32000. thanks.

  3. @Anonymous: there are several Galaxy models out in the market. the one released for the Phil market is Galaxy i9000. i specifically indicated Captivate which is i897. this is released for AT&T carrier though, but there are some unlocked strays in our shore.


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