Sunday, December 12, 2010

Speck Hard Case for MacBookPro

Just like buying a spanking new car that you'd end up shelling more dough for the car set-up, same goes true with electronics devices. You always had an animated habit to buy add-on accessories, either for protection or for perspicuity.

I, for example, have been torn between grabbing a Speck See Thru Case or a Speck Satin Case for my MacBook Pro. That way, I can sport different colors for my Mac in variantly different days. Ok, I know a Mac is a Mac and not a "United Colors of Benetton" but I have always been wishing to don a red laptop, and there's no red Mac.

Speck has a solution(well, depends if you see it that way because for some people, slapping a Speck makes their device look plain cheap). But having a reddish hue in the Apple logo is extrinsically arresting to my visual senses.

And the battle continues for the See Thru or Satin. Both add an accentuation of desire to your Mac by churning out a variety of colors: black, pink, purple, and cranberry(they stopped production of a lime green). They are both high-quality polycarbonate materials, one that can stand against accidental knocks and collisions, because a polished aluminum finish is never immune to the hazards of daily grind. The difference between the two: the See Thru is glossy and the Satin has a rubberized texture. One caveat though is that they will add 4oz to your laptop's overall weight.

So what about you, how do you protect your laptop. Zigg Invishield? GMask? Or plain sleeves.

Speck Cases cost Php2,450.

Thanks to Racq Santos(shown in the pic) for modeling it without a fee. Heart yah.


  1. I love colorful things too! I used to buy different colors of cases for my celphone back then...

  2. I have my moshi case lang ; )

  3. @Peach: you have the eye of a child, they love colors, that's why cartoons are color flats. i love different colors too, but i want it more in the reddish tinge.

    @Michelle: Moshi is a very good brand, and they have been making quality accessories for Mac.


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