Saturday, July 25, 2015

Space Program: Are we ready?

Almost everyone in our neighboring southeast Asian countries have respectively launched their own Space Program and we seemed to be left behind. What this means does not impact on whether we are economically resilient as a country, but perhaps a more questionable nation-building capability in the global market.

Space Program is instrumental to the formation of sustained ecosystem, creating more jobs and opportunities, perhaps opening the door to locally manufacture products, and raising overall economic progress. 

But let's hear it from our local astronomers:

These are the voices of the people who are industry trailblazers by day but astronomers by night, so they are very much aware of the tangible benefits of the enrichment of science research. 

Sarsa Kitchen Bar at the Forum South Global, BGC

Quaint finds, having exquisitely unraveled diningscape that are not yet in its apex, but served entrees delectably like michelin-starred havens do, are the heart and soul of how I fare restaurants these days. The best thing of it all is being able to witness how it phenomenally rose into the limelight, and that act of witnessing becomes an unseen kinship between you and them. 

Sarsa Kitchen Bar is maybe one of those rarity these days, where good food is packed into an unassuming place, that is not yet ravaged by commercialism. Having free from that enabled their prices to be pocket-friendly too. 

Let's see what our gastric tank crunched. 

Tortang Talong with Crispy Sardines and Kesong Puti (served with Pinakurat and chilli banana ketchup) - Php165

Bugtaw-bugtaw (Gising gising) with Ginamos - Php155

Lechon Manok Pancit Canton with Chilli Garlic Oil - Php175

Pritchon Pancake with Hoisin Chilli Sauce - Php220

Crispy Tilapia with Mango Salsa and Sarsa XO Sauce - Php245

Inasal Sisig - Php 320

Sizzling Kansi (sizzling bull) with special gravy - Php350

Mostly the assortment of entrees posits from the southern Philippines, having names thematically designed from its origin. 

They are located at the far end of the Bonifacio Global City High Street outskirts, Forum South Global. Since that part of the BGC is not really gravitated by crowd, parking is always a breeze. 

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