Saturday, September 3, 2016

8 Cuts Burger Blends at Serendra, Bonifacio Global City

It has been a really toxic week and the group who are doing the primordial legworks of making things impossible possible at an impossible lead time, from the app support to the project management to the support services, just want to drop the technical baggage and have some smirch of beer.

The place would have to be something that is is just as few as 50steps from our Malaysian-based App Manager’s crib. And what could be perfect than 8Cuts Serenda. 
8Cuts is not really known go-to place when you want to have a doze of alcohol. It’s a burger and comfort food hangout. And precisely also the reason why it’s called 8Cuts as a form of celebration for the 8cuts of beef: chuck, rib eye, short rib, sirloin, brisket, hanger, flank and ox tail. And with the combination of that plus the way the flavour is optimised comes 5 different patty types. 

But we were not there for burgers. We were there to let go of our office baggages, not that it is becoming worse, but they are becoming too physically consuming. 

So what do we have in our table:
Poke Nachos - ahi Tuna marinated in soy, chilli and sesame, local chèvre, orange and wasabi tobiko, pico de gallo, wonton, taro and sweet potato chips. 
And our sides, fries. 
Because one side is not enough so we got onion rings.
The best thing is the German-volume sized beer. The size that you can only find in the real October-fest in Germany. 


Sunday, August 7, 2016

Buffalo Wild Wings at the Conrad Manila Hotel

It was a very long, laborious day and we worked like a log, traversing from heads office to site to training centre and back to the head office(in another tower). So our newly founded subcultural assembly, from the whole IT group, mostly consists of IT project managers, application support and me as a sole IT asset management slave, which we collectively, fondly call “The Night Class” since we at almost a daily basis spent late night work because of a tremendous pile of work, decided to paint the town red. 

It was a Friday, a payday Friday that is, and as expected the mall that is close to our office is already cramming with the south’s foot traffic. And the nearest spot we could hang around into is the Conrad which is practically uncharted by mall rats. 

And given that SMaison is already closed, where else can we saunter that at the Buffalo Wild Wings. 
Buffalo Wild Wings is an American-based casual dining and sports bar, proliferated from Ohio, USA and had already set forth their commercial expansions at Canada, Mexico, and lately, at The Philippines. This franchise though is currently under corporate umbrella of the Bistro Group, hence explains our discount(thank you, Bistro Card). 

Let’s see what we have on our table.

Baby Back Ribs that is so flavourful. A pork meat is usually hard to crunch but this is probably the softest pork that I have ever tasted. It’s so flavourful that I ended up having more pork than beef, an outright violation of my gustatory rule of thumb.
Fries to complement the comfort. 
And who would want to miss their highly acclaimed buffalo wings. It’s relatively pricier than most, but, it was heavenly. Buffalo wings are served with 18 signature and dry seasonings of your choice— from barbecue with a mildly hot, sweet tang, to a really blazing hot variant. 

All in in all, that experience itself is topnotch as you can get to watch your favourite sports channel. But since, I am not really into sports other than bowling and golf, my gastronomic gusto leads to the cuisine, and those fall-off the-bone meaty goodness of baby back ribs and pork belly. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bossing's Grill at Ali Mall Cubao

For many years, I have been one of the panellists for the annual Philippine Astronomy Convention. And while I am swarmed by the busy undertakings and underpinnings of the event, I always made sure I will rake my rewards after. 

After dishing out a lecture about planetary terraformation, this time it’s a lesser about gastronomic degustation. And what could be rewarding than to load yourself with sumptuous feast. 
Bossing’s Grill proliferated as a one of the few buffet offerings from the seasoned restauranteur group of business genius Larry Cortez and Exec Chef Mau Arjona, the same group who brought to your Uncle Cheffy, Chef’s Quarter, Kuse, Beurre Blanc, Old Vine and Lorenzo’s Way

So I started off with a lachon. What else than a premium component of the buffet.

Crispy but cardiac-arrest friendly, so take it model

My all time favourite is a sisig, and what else to make it sumptuous than with a barbecue.

Something to get rid of your ickiness.

 And my poorboy tendencies. 

Yup, my poorboy tendency is my affinity to rice noodle.

Over all, it’s all about making most of it, the concept of maximization. At Php299++, it may not be wide-arrayed as most of the mainstream buffet joints that I have been into, but it’s adequate enough for you to be able to make most of it. 

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Spanish Roots

A couple of years ago, we tied the knot in a colonial Spanish built-church and had the reception at Spanish-themed restaurant. Fast forward today, we are still celebrating our marriage and our everyday Valentines Day. 
But we look back not only to our marital beginning but to our ancestral roots as well, and went to a Spanish-themed restaurant. And this time around, it’s just us. No photographers dictating us what to do, no guests that we have to mind if they’re comfortably seated and and had a fill with sumptuous feast, no programs and wedding dances, ceremonial accolades and rippling undulations that we have to mind. 

What we missed eating on our wedding, we made sure that we will have our slice everyday of our marriage life. And here are some excerpts of it of our dining lives together. 

We got the entire place for ourselves and these are for today. 
Freshly squeezed citrus Calamondin and a wine bottle.
Lengua Estofado. 
Sauteed Filipino-style noodles.
Sizzling Tenderloin with corn and carrots. 
Home-made Blueberry Cheesecake. 

So while we have an unorthodox, quiet, and simple celebration this time, no bouquet of flowers but on food, we still manage to keep each other’s smile unabated. 

Happy Valentines Day everyone. 

Fresh catch from LIGO

“Einstein’s gravitational theory, which is said to be the greatest single achievement of theoretical physics, resulted in beautiful relations connecting gravitational phenomena with the geometry of space; this was an exciting idea.” -Richard Feynman
Gazing out in the sky, into the vastness of the universe, we usually obtain information about it by spectral emission from light of various wavelengths. However, there are other possibilities for astronomy, including by looking for the neutrinos emitted by astrophysical sources — first detected in the supernova explosion of 1987 — and in the gravitational waves emitted by accelerating masses. However, the study of gravitational wave is as elusive as the end of a rainbow. 

Few days ago though, the universe is trumpeting a yet again another signal for mankind. This time, it’s the elusive gravitational wave, a previously theorised model to explain the perturbations of spacetime which is propagated as waves, travelling outward from the source, at a rate similar to the speed of light. The existence of gravitational waves is a possible consequence of the Lorentz invariance of general relativity as it brings the concept of a finite speed of propagation of the physical interactions with it.

LIGO(Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory) in Luisiana and Washington demonstrated its proof-of-concept from 2002-2010, and then operations suddenly gets decommissioned while undergoing upgrade. In September of 2015 though, it was reprised, this time with the promised upgrade, and thus came the Advanced LIGO. Advanced LIGO announced the discovery of this gravitational wave which is a result of a merging of two black holes, close to the size of Quezon City. 

But what does this mean to us? Why make a huge fuss abut it? 

For one, gravitational wave is a piece of the puzzle. It is a a form of information, and by detecting them we could get information from previously unobservable parts of the universe.

Take these two black holes, for instance. Both are less than 150 kilometres but located 1.3 billion light-years away. We have no other instruments in existence that could detect information from objects so small and far away. 

Second, we can now closely say that gravitons, a hypothetical particle of gravity, is massless, hence able to travel at speed of light. 

Third, this will pave way to a yet another form of astronomy, a Gravitational Wave Astronomy. 

Friday, January 15, 2016


From getting this job as an Editor-in-Chief last 2012, I haven’t really appeared in our personality highlight corner, which is called "Gazers and Go-Getters", but this 2015 changed all that. My first time and here is the excerpt of that. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Grissini Ristorante in Marikina City

Marikina has become teeming to be a treasure trove of some of the hidden culinary gems in the metro, and what surpasses me is that most of these restaurants does not compromise commercial value with quality. 

Lately, I was invited by a friend who happens to be a condo-mate for her son's birthday party. I wasn't able to go to her son's last year's birthday celebration so I made it a point that my schedule is cleared for this year's celebration. Thankfully, she sent out the invitation in advance and with so much leeway to adjust my other undertakings. 

Grissini Ristorante is an Italian-themed casual dining that is just a few blocks away from where we(my friend and I) both live. It brims of a homey feel interior with cozy ambiance, vibrant lighting fixtures, and a friendly staff to boot. The couch is an added superb comfort while you wait for your table, or perhaps you can opt to browse around their desserts section to choose which pastries you are going to conclude your regular comfort food with. 

Although, I haven't really dined in as I have to leave early, let me give you a glimpse as to what they served.


Bread Sticks


Basic staple, one a Filipino and the other perhaps Western. 


Italian Herbed chicken. 

Epicurean Panna Cotta. 

Baked Confectionery Corner. 

This is probably the best children's party place I have been into, and I have to give kudos to my friend who invited me despite the fact that only intimate kins are the one she folded.

Next time we(my wife and I) will dine in and saunter around here. 

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