Sunday, January 8, 2012

Midas Cafe at Midas Hotel

Genesis Hotels and Resorts, an all Filipino property management group who brought to you Astoria Boracay, One Tagaytay Place and Bellarocca Island Resort and Spa, laid down the foundation of coming up another hotel landmark in the Philippines. The site? That old Hyatt Hotel location. The name? Midas Hotel.

Now that the site is owned by another hospitality group, will it ever live up to its luxurious legacy of being a location of a "famed sunset boulevard of the Orient"?

Midas Hotel boasts of a fascinating deluxe interior designed by the country's renowned designer Samson-Almario. True enough, when I get inside, I was enthralled by the Almario signature designs, the touch of white and black in the walkway crisscrossed by a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors and the verdant green and immaculate white inside their resident restaurant, Midas Cafe.

One can never ignore the Hermes-design neatly stacked on shelves where the grand piano is located at. The well-lit walls and the minimalist chandelier, a hanging crystal wires that looks like a fiber optic tip, speaks of utter elegance.

This is me in the pic unfurling my MacBook Air. :)

Pasta with mixed vegetables and mushrooms.

So what else do they have on buffet their spread.

Started off with these.

Steamed Lapu-Lapu.

Prioritize all tender meats first when in a buffet.

Citrus-Glazed Shrimp.

Lamb Patties with Tomato Basil.

Sweet variant. My sweet tooth can't help it.

Slice your own loaf. I got the wheat variant.

Assorted bread.

Salami and some bread-must-have's.

Different types of cheese, Cheddar, Gouda, Manchego, Cream Cheese, and a lot more. They even have that Filipino white cheese.

You can also put this in your bread. :)

Stir-fried vegetables. Be sure to take one in a buffet, veggies will aid in the speedy digestion process.

Oriental style fried chicken.

Duck confit. Best paired with wine.

Emince of Pork, swiss style.

Spicy Beef Caldereta but you can't see the beef because they're hidden underneath the piles of veggies.

Pork. What's this entree called again?

Other aquiatic variants are Shrimp.

And other seafoods.

For the grilling station, they have Salmon….


And pork belly.

And my other favorite section of the buffet, the Carving Station. The other being the Desserts Section. This is a US Beef Striploin Steak.

Garden-fresh salad with different types of dressing, Tomatao Vinaigrette, French Dressing, Ceasar Dressing, Thousand Island Dressing, Midas Dressing, etc.

Two-toned salad.

Soup. They also have other soups as well, Creamy Chowder and the Chinese Molo Soup.

Asian section including Japanese Maki, Sushi, sashimi, Chinese Molo Soup, Chinese Noodle Soup, Xia Long Bao, etc.

Let's see what do they have for desserts.

Fresh fruits, watermelon, pineapple, melon, etc.

Layers of panna cotta and a fruit salad on top.

Rice cakes and more.

Round of sweets.

Sweets again.

More sweets.

Cake-eoso delicioso.

Let's see what's on my table.

DIY-ing my own salad.

Mixed seafoods. You see, even in a buffet, I still observe proper plating. That is to heighten appetite, because the more delicious-looking the food in your plate is, the more you'd want them.

Shrimp and veggies.

Oriental style chicken and lamb patties.

Pork belly and chicken with bathed in a delicious barbecue sauce.

Lamb, Duck Confit, and crunchy steamed veggies.

A parade of Asian goodness, a Xiao Long Bao, Japanese Maki, Sushi, and Sashimi.

And my favorite part in a buffet, a juicy steak. This time, it's a US Beef striploin.

Hoarding lots of sweets, I did it right before my meal started.

Concluding my meal. I picked one mango at the buffet table and had the chef sliced it for me.

Some hotel buffets that I have tried don't have an extensive array, and perhaps lacks two components, lamb and a steak. They have both although their lamb is already in fillet form, but their desserts, as many as it could have been, lacks halo-halo station and ice cream station. But at Php899 care of a groupon voucher, it was ok.

And oh, how's it if I'm going to post my top ten buffet places for 2011. What do you think.


  1. I liked the way how they served the steamed lapu-lapu. Magaya nga yan sa susunod na handaan dito sa amin.

  2. @Peach: makakatikim ba kami nyan, ha? :)

  3. Awesome buffet pics, as always. Natuwa naman ako sa plating mo, will take note of that the next time we visit a buffet.

  4. @Dea: yeah, i hate clutters even in buffet.dapat parang fine dining pa rin ang itsura ng plate. :)

  5. wow! nagugutom na ko ulit =))) nome nome nome!

  6. @Diane: ah, i have a solution to that problem, kain tayoooo!!!

  7. @Bery: how was it. have you tried it already?

  8. I have been skeptical if I'll go to Midas for dinner 'cause some people have been saying they don't have a lot to offer. Based on your experience though, it's worth a try especially when you got a voucher.. :) Will definitely buy some already.

  9. @Sumi: yeah, they have few choices as compared to the Sofitel and Circle buffets but they can still make you full. :)

  10. @unsugarcoated: thank you. you should try it here.

  11. yummy! would they charge me if i would not finished the food on my plate?

    metrodeal is offering this deal. 899 for the buffet.


    1. i don't think they will, but i am not sure though. the trick of every buffet is to eat by tiny bits. you can always go back anyway if you want some more.

  12. hats off to you since you obviously pay for your meals unlike other bloggers who rely on freebies before giving biased blog reviews. the food industry is aware of a certain group of notorious bloggers for hire(comprised mostly of chinese individuals)who ask first for free meals. shame on them. i also notice that you avail of discount coupons from group buying sites and that you also like buffets. that makes your reviews more credible and reflective of the taste of the average consumer. again, my warmest congratulations. may your tribe increase

    1. i've heard of them but i never know any of them. it's probably because i am blogging for the sake of self-expression, while they are blogging to earn. i don't attend any blogging events, while they need to be wherever blogging events are for leverage and business contact expansion purposes.

  13. please post your TOP 10 BUFFET for 2011...thanks


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