Monday, July 25, 2011

Vikings Luxury Buffet: A feast from the sea

Those who knew me well must have known that I am a buffet buster. Dining at smorgasbord setting has been my secondary profession along with my astrophysics pedagogics. And while most of the time, I conquered these places with gustatory triumph, there are buffet restaurants that I can say have won over me for having such a wide spectrum of food choices.

If I am going to take Shangrila Makati's Circles, Shangrila EDSA's Heat, and Sofitel's Spiral buffets out of the picture, this restaurant, seated at the San Miguel by the Bay fronting the SM Mall of Asia, would be my topmost buffet favorite, for being able to withstand with my apothegm "let's leave no tables unturned."

True enough, in Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant, even anyone from a Norse culture, where the real vikings came from, wouldn't be able to deplete the table from its myriad of contents. They have sumptuous fusion of delectable European Asian, and American dishes with live-action cooking stations.

Housed in a table that looks like the one used in a Galleon Trade, they have all I can think of to eat that day.

To start off your meal, they have hearty minestrone and creamy pumpkin soup, salmon carpaccio, caviar, and century eggs. Salad section has Waldorf, cauliflower and egg salad, potato salad, grape and olive salad, and pasta salad. They even have pastries of different varieties and cracker spreads.

I didn't write anything that I can see so spare me if I missed out something.

Their seafood area is composed of crabs, oysters, squid, octopus, shrimp, and fishes that you can have it grilled or cooked to your liking, and the waiter will just get your table number and deliver it while you savor other dishes. For meat lovers, they have the tandori section, baby back ribs, tenderloin steak, prime rib, lechon, roast ducks, and others.

The Chinese section is composed of a whole gamut of dumdum, Pata Tim, chicken oyster sauce, taoisi, pandit canton, etc while the Japanese have the usual sushi bars to boot.

Comfort foods include pasta and pizza section and a pastry area. And if you would like to accelerate the digestion process, they have shabu shabu style where you can have a Butane stove set on your table for a hotpot.

And of course, who would conclude meals without their desserts. yes, my favorite part. Frozen delights includes DIY halo halo, ice cream, yoghurts, cakes, chocolate fountains, fruits, all with your choice of fillings and toppings like leche flan, ube, and pinipig.

They even serve beer for the drinks aside from the usual Mango, Four Seasons, Dalandan, Pineapple juices, and the usual soda choices. But if you want to end your meal with a tea or a coffee, yes they have them too. Whether strong or mild coffee, or even a green tea extracted from the real tea leaves, they have it.

For just Php688 during week day lunch and Php888 during dinner and week ends, it was truly an epicurean experience. Next time, I will bring my entire pack of wolves.


  1. Awesome. If I am gonna get such a buffet I will never end myself eating. LOL.....kidding. All the food stuffs looks absolutely delicious. I am love in it. Hope I can also have such a great time some day.

  2. @HWD: i wish just the same, however, buffets have specific window of time, either breakfast, lunch, or dinner, nothing in between. :)

  3. Wow!amazing blog.
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    Nice blog on chocolate fountains.
    Thanks for sharing

  4. Judging from the photos you took, you sure ate a lot hahaha


  5. @Michelle: actually, those photos are just tip of the icebergs.:) superdami pa kinain ko dyan.

  6. I'm interested to try for the caviar alone. An office mate of mine wants me to review Vikings as well, good thing we're just right in front of it. :D

  7. @Madz: either sa SM MOA ka nagwowork, or sa Manila Bay mismo? :) just kidding. yeah, you should try caviar. maybe you can also concoct caviarsilog at home.

  8. Hehe, I work at One E-Com, one of the software development companies there, so I guess not really right in front pero tanaw sya sa floor namin hehe :)

  9. @Madz: that's the building right beside the docking station of some cruise companies, right?

  10. can I ask something. Are the foods in the lunch and dinner servings differ a lot?

  11. @Levin: i don't know how much is the lunch rate, but if there's a price difference, then the varieties were either different or extended.

  12. sorry, but i didnt see meat. do they serve steaks at vikings?

  13. Yes, they do. Carving station is where the Peking Duck, Roast Crackling Pig, etc are located at.

  14. Hi! We're from Visayas and will be in manila during our Wedding Anniv.The reason for choosing either Vikings or Buffet101 is because its near our hotel and MOA is familiar place for us.Can you share some more info regarding this two resto? We prefer good food than quantity, we wanted a table for two ( Do they insist on table sharing?), not so crowded in terms of table arrangements. Can you tell us which resto fall in this criteria? Thank you.

  15. @Anonymous: Happy wedding anniversary. here is my take on both:

    Crowd: Buffet 101 is less crowded than Vikings but I see that to be largely dependent on days. They may get crowded as well during holidays and week ends too, so make sure to call in for reservations. That practice is highly suggested on any restaurants.

    Food Quality: they're just the same. But since, Vikings have more choices, I'd probably suggest Vikings in this aspect.

    Hope that helps.


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