Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Samsung Captivate i897 Galaxy S

Yesterday I went to EDSA Shangri-la to claim my Samsung Captivate Galaxy S i897. Those who have been with me in my frantic search for the best "SuperduperAMOLED Android combo" phone evidently knew that I am on a buying frenzy. And my close choices of Android devices were blogged here.

Some colleagues had asked as to why do I have to go through in getting a non-RP market phone, instead of the one available in our shore. The bachelor in me hates rounded corners of the phone bezels. Kinda reminds me of the movie "One More Chance" when Derek Ramsay was mused by Bea Alonzo for having sharp edges in his house being an extrinsic symbol of bachelorhood.

That being said means that naturally I have to choose Samsung Captivate i897 over Samsung Galaxy S i9000.

Samsung Captivate is only available for AT&T, so if you're planning of getting one, your only choice would be to get it in the US, from Best Buy or Radio Shack perhaps.

Captivate is armed with 1Ghz ARM Cortex CPU, 5MP camera(sorry no LED flash and secondary camera), 16GB of ROM, 512MB RAM, microSD card slot that can handle up to 32GB capacity, 400x800 pixel 4inch SuperAMOLED(yes, you heard it, SuperAMOLED and not just AMOLED), Gorilla Glass(industrial-grade scratch resistant screen), GPS, and a whole slew of connectivity options(Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G, etc).

The hadware itself is topnotch despite the absence of LED Flash and secondary front camera. It has a vibrant crystal clear display which doesn't deteriorate even in direct sunlight exposure and angular shift. The performance is snappy and speed is blazing. The audio is fantastic and the person calling you can still hear you from quite a distance on speakerphone. The design element is also elegant as it sports a carbon-fiber inspired metal at the back.

Inside it brews an Android Eclair 2.1 which is actually one of its letdowns as some devices are sliding towards Froyo 2.2 already. Although there is a leak Froyo update support for Captivate but being "leak" means that they're an unofficial release.

Samsung is known to have a relatively delayed support for their software/application implementation, which I think is very important if they want to catch up with HTC in this smartphone arena.


  1. I think I should stop reading your gadget posts, nakakinis ka. haha!

    Either way, super cool phone john! Samsung is making bawi finally, the competition for android phones are HTC, Samsung and LG

  2. @Katey: plus Motorola and Dell too. other relatively unknown brands(or some brands i know which are not publicly known) are following the lead of the major league, like Archos etc.

    i have completed my experience on all phone OS's: Nokia Symbian, Samsung Bada, Google Android, and Apple iOS. but among all of them, i'd say it's fiercely played by iOS and Android.

  3. lets do facetime...


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