Monday, December 12, 2011

Mercado buffet at Resorts World Manila

We(me and my college room mate) were about to head to BeyondTheBox RWM to buy some Mac accessories, but we're too hungry to start the day shopping. So for a cheapskate meal, we decided to hit on Mercado buffet's food with epic proportion, a buffet that is, something that can get us through the entire day.

Mercado as an en masse definition from its Spanish word stands for marketplace. And true to its meaning, it indeed is a marketplace of the amalgamation of Filipino dishes with a bit of continental fusion of Asian and European cuisines. Tucked inside where the Casino is at, evokes a certain charm and a myrrh of exclusivity to RWM members.

Because taking a picture is strictly prohibited, I took few stolen shots using my iPhone 4, at a discreet angle and dangerous disposition from the possibility of getting caught. So spare me if some photos didn't yield a better composition.

I was supposed to commence my meal with bread and soup but I surmise to go ahead with main entrees, a Roasted Pumpkin(not in the pic) and Carrot Cream Soup, Bulalo(not in the picture) Shrimp Gamba, and a steamed Potato.

Chicken Barbecue with a Macaroni Salad, an unorthodox combination.

Roasted Porklion in an Apple Sauce and Pene Pasta.

Japanese Maki(not in the picture) and Chinese dumplings.

Shanghai Roll and Vegetable Tempura.

Comfort foods, Taco and French Fries. They also have hobbit burgers(with a circumference as small as a Php10 coin but I forgot to snap a picture).

They also have a Mongolian station that you can ask a chef to prepare it for you with your choice of ingredients. Mine came out spicy hot and doesn't have a rice not to preserve my gastric space.

Fruits and fruit salad to conclude my main entrees.

I made my own salad to aid in my digestion.

They have a whole slew of desserts, from Chocolate Fountain to Chocolate Mousse, from Strawberry Lemon Bars to Chocolate Rolls, from Leche Flan to Coffee Panna Cotta, from Ice Cream to Ice Candy.

Although they only have a limited entrees, for a price of Php578 I got from a groupie site, I think it's worth a try. Sadly, they don't have a steak, lobster or a lamb.

And oh, they have refillable drinks too, Pepsi products in soda dispenser, Pineapple Punch, Orange Juice, Apple Juice, and a draft beer.


  1. for a ninja shot, those aren't bad.

  2. @Katey: yeah, galing lang magpanggap, kunwari tetext, yun pala click.. click.. click na... :)

  3. yes.true.magaling ka talaga magpanggap johnray..keep up.wifibreak :-)


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