Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Acaci Restaurant at Acacia Hotel Alabang

Acacia Hotel Manila is the newest luxury sprout of the south. It is a 5star hotel at the heart of the premiere commercial epicenter of the Filinvest Corporate City complex. Conveniently located right at the forefront of the shopping complex Festival Mall and surrounded by upscale residential spots and bustling business establishments, it is one of the best hotel to boot if you're looking for a serene stay amidst the urban landscape.

A little far from the public highways, this is the truly a place where business spirits can unwind and denude the daily hustle and bustle in life, while still in touch with the metropolitan living.

The hotel is elaborately designed with botanical patterns, esoteric shapes, and vibrant colors to complement its exude of elegance and style.

Acaci Restaurant is the hotel's resident cafe and restaurant. It boasts of a finely decorated interior with soft cushioned seats in colorful tapestry, a carpet the complements the thematic ornament, and a glass window facing all sides of the Filinvest complex.

In a buffet, I always look first at the Carving Station. And this is is what they got, a pork, a Shortplate. Although it was nicely done, but my rule of thumb in a buffet is, beef first because it is more expensive than pork, so you get your money's worth.

This section of thinly sliced meats complements well with the garden fresh salad.

Another one at the Salami and Ham section.

Shrimp with Pineapple Salsa.

Marinated Cheese with Peppercorn.

Chicken Liver Terrine.

Cheese Platter. Oh, I so love cheese.

Ham Lyoner.

Smoked Salmon with Dill Sauce.

They only have this bread variant. But that is ok, I try to evade carbs when on a buffet.

Seafood section. Mollusk but I wish they have shrimp too.

Leafy green goodness.

From the salad section, Grilled Potato with Caramelized Onion, Cucumber and Turnip Salad, Penne Pasta with Olvies, Kinchi, etc.

Buttered Vegetable.

Paprika Chicken with Tomato Ragout.

Beef with Mushroom. This one's a hit as well.

And now from the dessert section….

Tasted like a regular Filipino Maja.

Leche Flan.

Chocolate Rum Balls.

Melon, everytime I ate this, it kinda reminded me of my airname "John Melon" when I was still working as a radio jock. Name of the station is withheld for me and the radio mutual benefit-sake. :)

Apple that you can dip in the Chocolate Fountain.

Watermelon and little Grapes.

We(that's me and my college room mate) were welcomed by a courtesy Pandan Juice. Another option would be an Iced Tea but I have enough of it, since Iced Teas are freely overflowing in the office.

To start off my meal, I asked the chef at the Pasta slash Noodle station to make me a Sinigang soup instead and he agreed graciously enough.

Direct into the main course.

Plating a Shortplate.

Pork Pata Tim, nth round.

I couldn't recall how many times I went for the Pork Pata Tim.

Paprika Chicken with a bit of a plating practice.

Grabbing Maki and Sashimi at the Japanese section. Thankfully the Wasabi has the right doze of hotness level.

I asked the chef to prep me a Pesto on Fettucini. I want one with a little kick of tanginess though.

Desserts, yeah, but I want more than this. No Tiramisu, Mousse, and Panna Cotta.

Concluding my meal with a tea.

While the place is topnotch with fabulously catchy interiors, their buffet lacks some of my buffet requirements:

If without steak, there must be lamb or baby back ribs at the very least in the carving station. I don't ask for a USDA or CAB-certified beef. Just a regular good alternative. If without an ice cream, there must be a halo halo at the very least in the dessert section. I don't ask for Ben&Gerry's, just a regular FIC or local Sebastian's perhaps.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Latitude at Traders Hotel

February is probably among the most difficult month to place a reservation in restaurants because people are so feverish with Valentine-sappy moments that the only-romantic gesture-in-the-land they know of is to dine in at posh restaurants in a candle-light dinner set up.

But because of my incessant enthusiasm to ignite my gastronomic jubilation, I was able to find a slot in Latitude at Traders Hotel.

Latitude is an all-day, all-night Asian cuisine with a confection of continental blend to suit the discriminating taste of both local and foreign travelers. The place has a comfortable and cozy feel with sufficiently-lit interior, nice leather chairs and distinctively warm ambiance.

So after the Philippine National Astronomy Convention kick-off at the National Museum Planetarium, we(me and my college room mate) immediately headed towards Traders Hotel to catch for our dinner buffet.

Do-It-Yourself salad section.

Assorted bread. Make sure you get the right cheese.

At the bread and pastry section. Dip this into the chocolate, and you're set to start.

An assortment of cheese.

They also serve pizza too.

Take it from the salad section.

Herbed buttered vegetables.

Stuffed Milkfish.

Aside from the DIY salad, they also have a pre-served salad.

Salad to aid your digestion process.

At the salad section.

The star of the Filipino party that can surely feed many without bludgeoning the host's pocket, Pancit Bihon.

Spring Roast chicken. Ruthlessly lambasted fried chicken. :)

Now on to the salad section.

Another one fro the salad section.

Grilled pork belly.

Spicy chicken.

And what's a Chinese dimsum section without chicken feet.

Bola-bola Siopao and Pork Siomai.

Roast beef.

Cajun Roast Chicken.

Pork Pata Kare-kare.

Poached fished fillet.

Honey-glazed carrot vichy.

Stir-fried squid.

Potato Wedges.

Aglio Olio Pasta.

Seafood section. Make sure you grab a profuse amount that you can consume because it took them really long time to replenish their spread.

Oh yeah, the carving station with a heavenly steak. What's a buffet without it.

And the next one can't live without. Sweets.

Desserts as a component for a dining climax.

Buko Pandan Cake and Strawberry Bavaroise.

Fruits- I wish they also have mango and apple.

Black forest.

Cream of carrot soup.

Sirloin steak with potato wedges.

Roast beef and herbed buttered veggies.

From the seafood section. Shrimp and mussels grilled to goodness.

Pork complimented by a crunchy steamed veggies.

Pasta Salad. I wish they put sufficient vinaigrette in it.

Mini Siopao and Pork Siomai. Siopao contains profuse amount of shrimp, but I;'m still an addict to dimsum.

I asked the chef to prep me a Laksa Noodle Soup. I love the spicy and tangy kick.

Fruits- I wish they also have mango and apple.

Mixed ice treat, in other words, Halo halo. Shaved ice not really fine, and the mix not really that many to childishly play around with. :)

Assortment of dessert to conclude my meal.

Although I can say that other buffet that I have subjected to my gastric art and science were way better in terms of variety and selection but for Latitude's price(at around Php500 bucks, plus or minus), I can give it a considerable leniency. I guess what the restaurant fell short is a good Chef de Cuisine(executive chef) to formulate better and wider scale buffet spread that really caters cross-latitude dining citizenry.

Next stop? Acaci at Acacia Hotel Alabang. Stay tune.

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