Saturday, March 7, 2015

National Astronomy Week 2015

As part of the Advanced Theories Committee  of the country's circle of astronomy luminaries(and partly as an Editor in Chief of an astronomical journal), I get to receive invites to be a resource speaker to national conventions on the subject matter. 

The Explorium is a reboot of what was known before as an SM-Nido Science Discovery Center, where I was the first(and only) to do a lecture inside a 360degree theater.

This time, it's held at one of their lecture halls. 

The talk posits on a Black Hole science. And allow me some important excerpts of my slide.

On gravity:

"At relativistic speeds, gravity a product of mass, velocity, and the Lorentz factor. With a photon, the mass is zero and gamma is infinite, but the idea of "zero times infinity" is a little wonky. Calculus calls this an 'indeterminate form', and it takes a little more effort to get an answer that makes sense. Essentially, the product of zero and infinity can be a specific finite number under the right circumstances." --- JRC

On Albert Einstein:

"Einstein died thinking that a massive body to have an escape velocity greater than the speed of light is merely a mathematical curiosity and that it doesn't have any physical counterpart in nature." -- JRC

On Photon Sphere:

"The photon sphere (R=3GM/c2) is the radius at which the velocity of a circular orbit is the speed of light. We can no more detect it than we can detect the Moon's radius around Earth; we can measure it, but there is really nothing about it to detect. The photon sphere has no physical substance whatsoever."--- JRC

On Beckenstein Formula:

"Surface area increases as a consequence of putting one photon of energy as an element(or unit) of entropy."--- JRC

On the event horizon:

"As the infalling matter asymptotically approach the event horizon, the finite amount of time observed by the external observer becomes infinite. "--- JRC

On quantum fluctuation and Hawking Radiation:

"Negative energy going into black hole will reduce amount of energy of the black hole. As a consequence, the black hole may evaporate as a result of reduction of the total energy. But for Supermassive Black Holes, the radiation, infalling matters, debris of space, etc adds up to the materials that black hole is gobbling, adding to the mass of the black hole. That is why we don’t see small black holes because they evaporate immediately upon imputing negative energy. "--- JRC

On dying via Black Hole spaghettification:

"Space and time funneled into a black hole, such that space your upper torso is larger than those on your lower torso, and while you’re getting stretched, you are also getting squeezed, extruded like a fabric in space,  or inhibiting the characteristics of a human toothpaste tube. "--- JRC

On wormhole as a time travel engine:

"The shell of exotic matter has a negative mass and positive surface pressure. The negative mass ensures that the throat of the wormhole lies outside the horizon, so that travelers can pass through it, while the positive surface pressure prevents the wormhole from collapsing. " --- JRC

Yakimix Prime at the Bonifacio Global City

It used to be one of the meaty conversations we had with my foodie friends whose day job varies from different sectors of profession and expertise. The question was: "what makes Yakimix Prime a prime." And several points of conjectures came floating into the equation of arguments. A marketing guru says because it is located at a prime location. An architect says because the establishment is meant to brandish an air of elitist preference. A restauranteur says it offers premium meat choices like Wagyu, CAB or USDA-grade meats. At an aggregate framing, their contexts are sound and may have some weights in the forging of this new concept. 

I have been casually eating at Yakimix(non-Prime, as I fondly call them) but never paid so much attention to prime beef. For a gourmand, they don't really matter, but rather a wide array of choices. 

So let's open up the curtains and see what are staged for us by Yakimix Prime. Note that during the time of my dining, it was a week day lunch. I have to be specific about it because week days and week ends might have different choices, as much as lunch and dinner does. 

Overall, the experience is almost as similar to other Yakimix branches. It came to mind that a "prime" is simply an anti-thesis to "niu", which is also located along the proximity. 

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