Monday, December 27, 2010

Samsung Wave S8500: S-AMOLED attraction

I have been having a Supahdupah AMOLED display delirium recently, with some of the phones springing my mind such as Samsung Galaxy S i9000, Samsung Captivate i897, and Samsung Wave S8500. Notice that all of them are all Samsung, naturally because Samsung pioneered the technology, thus obviously they can manipulate the production. The images produced by the SuperAMOLED devices are so way better than any phones in the market.

What really enamored me is the Samsung Wave S8500. Why? Because it has an underdog OS. Ironically, Bada has been trumpeted as Samsung's official OS, however due to its lack of after-market support and third party applications, they apparently paled in comparison compared to the other market players like Google Android and Apple iOS.

What sets the Samsung Wave S8500 among all of them is its elegant, metallic chassis and a design implementation way ahead of its time. But inside the Samsung wave S8500 body are some nifty hardware features: 1GHz Cortex-A8 CPU, PowerVR SGX 540 GPU, 512MB of RAM, WiFi b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0, GPS / A-GPS, FM radio, video output, compass and accelerometer, GSM radio, which is unlocked, supports quad-band EDGE but only dual band HSPA (900 / 2100 MHz), MP camera with a LED flash and a secondary camera for 3G videocalling.

Two things that might humoring one to acquire this lovely phone: 1) no Mac support which is important for people like me who have been using Mac since the dawn of mankind 2) Bada OS seems not promising as a next-gen technology

However if you'd stick on a phone with powerful camera flash without minding to install plethora of apps, then this phone might just be good for you.

Your chance to have a SuperAMOLED phone at just a meager price of Php15,990.


  1. Nice babies! Advanced happy new year john

  2. @katey: happy new year and happy valentines too.

  3. it's being retailed at a Php15k to 18k price price range.


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