Monday, October 11, 2010

Sony NWZ-W202: a wireless music rarity

Sony, the forerunner of the Walkman hype, once again unleashed its forte and fortitude with the advent of a revolutionary concept of wireless music player.

It seems like only Sony can pull off a product that defies the ordinary. It has continuously challenge a market by unraveling unorthodox devices that would appeal to generations and their dynamic styles and comfort.

Sony NWZ-W202 is one such product. Fit for those who are always mobile who denounce the slavery of dangling wires, this music player has all the convenience one would ask for in an MP3 player.

The features aren't stellar though, as it is just basically an MP3 Player and nothing more. No FM radio. No other bells-and-whistles. So if you're into Papa Jack's Wild Confession Nights on the radio, this might not be suited for you.

Its lack of LCD display to fiddle music list is complimented by the "Zappin In / Out" function that plays short recognizable snippets of songs on the middle part. So if you prefer the auditioned song, you can quickly press the wheel to start from the beginning.

Much like the, oh well, iPod Shuffle, this one has a shuffle button too, that alternate songs from the list.

It supports file system such as MP3, WMA(including DRM'ed files), and AAC(unprotected). A bit limited as compared with the other players in the market.

On a continuous play, I can get around 8 hours of juice on this lovely player.

While the Sony Walkman NWZ-W202 lacks some outstanding features, and a meager capacity, it looks good, fits well, and delivers solid sound with strong bass. It also lets you browse your music in a way that effectively compensates for its lack of a screen.

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