Saturday, December 18, 2010

Persia Grill: Filipinizing Persian cuisine

Going to Mister Kebab has been our normal staple, that everytime hunger bites the dust at a seemingly odd time(mostly after being flushed by a deluge of alcohol, hahaha, but this is not one of those moments), we always head up to Mister Kebab to have a gargantuan fill. That is where our passion for Mediterranean and Persian menu meliorated. Now, we have been eating Indian foods like fast foods.

This afternoon, after seeing a friend at the Mead Johnson(Chino Roces Ext), I happen to pass by a new building(I don't know if it was exactly new, but at least it wasn't there when I used to work in the area), Eco Plaza where Persia Grill sits right in front of a calming waterscape.

Branding has always been a foreplay of perception, and it is the same perception that is bane to most restauranteurs who strive to attract lower-end market but failed doing so because of their discernibly intimidating interiors. I love the cozy ambiance of this rest but others may find it too stiff and elegant. Don't let it fool you, in fact, this restaurant is not really a restaurant but a bistro. And the price is just right for its location.

Too hungry, I grabbed myself a Chicken Beef Kebab(Php199) composed of two skewers of grilled beef kebab(Kobideh) served with grilled fresh tomato, butter, and a long grain Basmati rice. With that is my appetizer, Keema GBX(Ground Beef Express sauteed with olive oil, tomato, and some frehs herbs) with a bed of Hummus(Php195). Meal is polished well with a Fresh Fruit Strawberry Shake(Php75). Thankfully prices are constructed without service charge.

Persia Grill is owned by a Pinoy Big Brother housemate, Kian, who received this restaurant chain after his college graduation. What a lovely gift. Oh well, it wouldn't be a hard paradigm shift because not far from this Persian-themed concept is their family business, Kazemi Persian Carpets along Arnaiz Road.

Persia Grill is a brilliant concept, "Filipinizing" the Persian cuisine that will smack astutely right at the Filipino taste.


  1. Hindi ko pa nakainan both restaurants mentioned! Lagi kasi kaming Hossein's hehe

  2. @Michelle: Hossein's is also good but the reason why we always head to Mister Kebab is because sila lang yung bukas 24hour, and hindi naman kami kakain dun na kakain lang. our main purpose is to stuff our stomach with food after a doze of alcohol. usually we go there around 2am or 3am na.

    if i were to compare Hossein's and Persia Grill, i'd go for Hossein's. they are close to authenticity, although i still go for Kashmir and Swagat.

  3. I love Mister Kebab! Love love love :D sobrang addict ako sa sauce nila.

    I haven't tried Persia Grill yet. Kapag gusto ko ng Persian food, I tend to go to Mister Kebab or that Kebab place in katipunan. Shucks, I forgot the name already but it's along katipunan and on top of flaming wings.

    Wala ba si Kian nung nagvisit ka? :) Papicture time!

  4. @Smarla: twice palang kami nakakain sa Persia Grill, one at SM North SkyGarden and the other at Don Chino Roces Ext EcoPlaza.

    but you're right, that white sauce is also my fave. sinasabaw ko yun pati sa kanin. i noticed though that kumonti yung serving ng Mister Kebab right after nagpalit sila ng menu material. dati kase laminated carton lang yun, ngayon offset board na. also isang kamatis nalang sinserve nila at wala nang pepino.


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