Saturday, December 11, 2010

Terry's Selection: Spanish Gourmet Cuisine

Renowned for its gourmet Spanish deli, Terry's Selection ventured into a restaurant chain, starting off withSegundo Piso in Karivin Plaza Don Chino Roces Ext. This restauranto reino is owned by Chef Juan Carlos de Terry, who first conceptualized the place as expats' secret dining haven in Makati, right after his four year academic endeavor in Madrid.

Terry's Selection boasts of a cozy and secluded place, meant for a quality conversation, where they have deli shop at the ground floor and a restaurant at the second floor. The place was so spacious, it was surrounded by wooden racks containing world-class beverage and fine wines. The architecture is cool and classy, something that reminds you of a Spanish casa turned wine cellar.

Not a secret anymore as they have gone mainstream via their branches at Podium and Salcedo Village. And most of you probably heard of this place from lifestyle programs, magazines, and newspapers.

I got myself a Chorizo on Piggy Back(Php250 + 10% SC), a famous Spanish Chorizo flambeed with Sherry brandy and uniquely cooked by fire on top of the pig-shaped clay pot. They've definitely found a cutesy way of doing it. It was a bit salty though. Another apretivo I got was one of their best sellers, Flamenquin Andaluz(Php303.57 + 10% SC), rolls of breaded sirloin, Jamon Serrano, melted Raclette cheese, and crisp-fried ArteOliva(it's just an olive oil in maarte term, hahaha). It was superb. And last was the Spaghetti Mare Nostrum(Php285.71 + 10% SC). Mare Nostrum, an ancient name of the Mediterranean Sea, incidentally inspired this pasta dish, combining the best Mediterranean culinary symbols: goat's milk cheese, olives, capers, crispy garlic slivers, and ArteOliva oil, sprinkled with pine nuts and parsley. It had a strong flavor as expected, but it was really delicious.

I was there around 5:30PM but as the night deepens, more and more foreign dignitaries and Makati elites flock the place. This surely ranks my list of Manila's finest restaurants.

It's living a charmed life at Terry's Selection.


  1. I shouldn't be reading your blogs when I'm hungry, I'll go to 711 now, haha.

    So you mean every order there's service charge? ang mahal.

  2. @katey: wala kaseng gourmet street food eh, gusto ko sana ng ganun.

    mag7-11 tayo one of these days... :)

  3. Just got back, well pwede na ako sa squid balls, haha.

    Sure ba, the white chocolate caramel coffee is yummmyy~

  4. @Katey: magtayo ka nalang ng gourmet street foods na restoranti para may makainan akong mas mura.

  5. Ang cute ng pig!! hahaha.

    Natawa ako sa comment mo about ArteOliva! Haha. :P

    Haven't eaten here, I really need to explore makati more.

  6. @Smarla: taga QC ka ba? kase i noticed you're not really familiar of makati but apparently familiar in QC. am i right? i'm for QC(Kamias to be exact) too and i haven't really explored my backyard.

    cute talaga ng pig, parang alkancha.

  7. and i thought you had the "no four legged diet"?

    is that chorizo made with chicken?

  8. @Anonymous: it was not yet formulated and implemented at that time.

  9. i like the place Terry's and the Creme Brulee... :)

  10. @Aldwen: yup, i love Terry's too. apart from the usual deli, they also have good wine collections.

  11. gel rigor i worked there in terrys for 2 years and the best dish that they offer is paella superb hello mam mari and sir jc


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