Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beurre Blanc: French Mediterranean Cuisine at Resorts World Manila

Being a buffet piranha, whenever I saw a signage boldly trumpeting of an extensive array of a buffet, it instantaneously gravitates me, like a Moon to its Earth(although to be technically precise, the Moon is receding away from the Earth at 1.5inches per year, but oh let's ditch away the science talk, you get my drift, right?). 

I was about to shop at a friend's Apple store, Beyond the Box, when I passed by a French Mediterranean restaurant, Beurre Blanc, and ended up dining in at the place while waiting for the shop to open. 

Having been dined in at a myriad of restaurants for years of my culinary pangs, I can tell either the signature concoction of restaurant chefs or the design epitome of a restaurant's interior designer. This time, I wasn't wrong to have hypothesized that the chefs are formerly those of the Le Souffle, plus the proliferators of known restaurant chains such as Kuse, Old Vine and Uncle Cheffy. 

Anchored at the center of the restaurant is a fertility goddess cast by a diorama of roof painting depicting French harvest. Beside the restaurant, they also have a quaint wine bar that you can order per bottle or glass. 


Parmaham and Cheese Salad. 

Salmon Carpaccio. 

Some of the relevant buffet complements. 

Steamed Veggies and Potato. 

Fish Bonne Femme.

Pasta and Baby Back Ribs. 

Marinated Clod Tender, Chicken and Pork Tenderlpoin. 

Squid/ Suahe, Mahi Mahi, Tuna, Dory. 

Lechon Kawali. 

Roast Beef Shortplate.

Carving Station presents Beef Shortplate. I'd wished it was a US Topblade Steak that they accordingly served the other day but I have to hone my timing skills yet. 

Poached Pears. 

Creme Brulee. 

Bread Butter Pudding. 

Chocolate Nuts. 

Chocolate Cake. 

Beef Shortplate. 

Baby Back Ribs. Oh, this is so tasty. 

Grilled seafoods. I'm loving it and more. 

Grilled meats. 

Fish. Does it lack flavor? Or it is just me. 

A DIY salad sprinkled with profuse amount of Bacon bits. 

A combination of Chocolate Cake and Chocolate Nuts to conclude my meal.

At a price point, you might say that it has the same range as the Dad's Ultimate Buffet and that you're not getting your money's worth because the spread isn't that extensive, the good thing is that it is a good alternative to other Resorts World Manila buffet spots like Impression and Mercado

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Circles Event Cafe at the Shangri-la Hotel Makati

Because of its epicurean array of good food from different continental origin, I have chosen the Sunday of Circles Event Cafe buffet. Other days are either Filipino fiesta, Seafood or Barbecue, while Sunday has an international fare to boot. 

Coined as "Theater Kitchen", Circles buffet not only evokes the distinctive aroma of Mediterranean, Asian and European cuisine, it has an interactive style of customizing your entree to whatever suits your gastronomic pleasure. 

August 31-32, Circles Event Cafe offered a Buy One, Take One promo that has been a blockbuster hit for two days. The cosmopolitan hyena that I am went there on the first day. And while I thought myself to be the only one of my kind, there were already lots of people lining up for the buffet, to think that it was just a minute past after the opening hour of sell out. 

With my college room mate, the ecstasy of dining in with bon vivant style and gusto is already encroaching into our head. 

September 16, our pig out schedule. Even before the opening of the buffet, there already lots of people lining up. The good thing with availing the promo is that you don't need to phone in for reservation, your name and table number is already at their database. 

Assorted bread. 


At the Salad section.  

Complementing the salad. 

Salad must-have.

Cheese and others. 

Salad section. 

Chinese section. 

Japanse section. 


From the Middle Eastern cuisine section. 


From the main course section.  

Tasty shrimps and others.

From the main course section.  

From the main course section.  

From the main course section.  

From the main course section.  

From the main course section.  

From the Middle Eastern cuisine section. 

From the main course. 

Shells and squid, Paella style. 

From the main course. 

From the main course section. 


Barbecue section. 

For the meat lovers. 

Grill section. 

Seafood section.

Seafood section.

Countless of roast suckling pig has been dished out. I don't know how many of these have they replenished. 

Carving station. 

There are also wine and champagne choices. I think it's around Php800 on top of a buffet. 

Chocolate fountain. 

















Desserts… lavish and loving it. 


Halo halo section and the joy of mixing it all up. 

Ice cream. Don't leave a buffet without it. 

Fruits and the definition of abundance. 

Contrary to other folks who'll start their buffet with a soup, bread and a salad, I start mine with the most expensive, a slab of steak at the carving station. 

Roast suckling pig. Crunchy goodness. 

From the Japanese section. 

Grilled shrimp.

Shrimp again. 

I forgot what is this called, this tastes so good. I kept on getting this. 

Crabs and shimps. I love seafood. 


As if my middle eastern tongue is done, I incorporated this sauce to an adobo. 

Fruit salad. 

Ice cream, all flavors with different toppings. 

Fruit medley. 

Not enough? You can grab some bottle of wines, cakes and other presents to your household folks. 

You can also take home some pastries, I haven't checked the prices though. 

The floor is constantly hounded by dining flocks. They allow the people to stay up until 4:30pm, unlike other restaurant buffets which will close up to 2:30pm only. Now that's eating till you drop. 

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