Saturday, July 6, 2013

Johnny Chow Amazing Asian Cuisine at the Resorts World Manila

From the makers of Sumo Sam, Mr Kurosawa, John & Yoko comes another welcome addition to the Asian fusion restaurant concept called Johnny Chow Amazing Asian Cuisine. You got it, this is Marvin Agustin and partners'(including Chef Florabel Co and Manila's renowned restauranteur Ricky Laudico) brainchild. 

The restaurant whips up a mix of contemporary Thai, Korean and Chinese flavors thrown into a kitschy-pop dining space as boldly displayed in its interior. 

But when you go inside, you'd be entranced by finding old Chinese books neatly stacked in its shelves, a surprising defeat of its modern perspective, and to which it will make you say that it's an amalgamation of classic meets pop design element. 

Some design aspects, the server's costume and hairstyles, are perhaps derived from some of Marvin's restaurants, John&Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese and the chairs similar to that of Robotosan

Mixed Seafood Noodles.

Quarry Bay Dumplings because I am so fond of it. It's a Pork Siomai with Edamami.

Another one, Hongkong Sunset, Seafood Siomai writhe Kani. 

Genghis Khan Chicken. It's a crispy Johnny Chow chicken with soy garlic sauce. 

The basic staple, Johnny Chow Fried Rice

The name of the entrees are famous Asian celebrities like actor Jackie Chan, director John Woo, sportsman Yao Ming, martial artist Bruce Lee, actor Jet Li, actress Zhang Ziyi, etc. Oh well, except Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal whose names are also in the menu. 

I noticed that all of Marvin's restaurants have excellent concepts. I am still hoping that they'd do good on their taste as they do with marketing positioning. 

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