Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tiny Kitchen in Davao City

Call this an exaggeration at all forms and fixtures, but even an exaggeration is an understatement. Tiny Kitchen is life's biggest irony. The word "tiny" is an absolute opposite. Life here is ushered in massive delight.

Tiny Kitchen is a quintessential restaurant at the heart of Davao City, where they initially serve Spanish cuisines, but had grown into a full blown restaurant with menu that are acclimatized to local taste buds. Buzzword is Spanish as the owner Vincent "Enteng" Rodriguez has a Spanish descent(his mother is Spanish) and he attributed a majority of his acquired culinary mastery to his mom. 

Of course, it isn't discounting that the restaurant is a perfect blend of fine courses and mouthwatering desserts. His wife, Donna, has an indomitable skill that can turn anything into a really delectable dessert. 

So don't gas up your gastric tank full with the main courses yet without trying out on their desserts. 

The restaurant is a bit full(it shouldn't be a surprise) and we waited a little bit. We are welcomed by the owner's 9 year-old daughter who was cutesy and kind enough to take our order in a gleeful fashion. Wearing an apron and a head garb, and at age 9, she is probably the youngest management trainee I know. :)

Lemonada - Lemonade brew and Strawberry Blush - fresh strawberry slush

Vaca Salpicao - beef sirloin cooked in a special concocted sauce withy lots of garlic and mushrooms

Vino Rojo - a traditional Spanish chicken stew simmered in wine

Caldereta Espanol - Spanish style brew of beef simmered with chorizo, olives, potato and carrots

Balbacua. It's a beef shank softened to perfection. It has been more than 20years since I last tasted this. And this is one of those moments that I have been craving for it. 

The ingredient to Tiny Kitchen's success story is the owner's attitude for life, from the way they groom their daughter to the business to the way they were so immersed to serve savory entrees out of the freshest produce, from to the way they treat their employees to the way they serve their customers. It's a zest of everything they do at the core of their business model that make them stand out. Truly, you should try them out.   

Capriserrie Bakeshop and Cafe in Marikina City

What used to be a cottage industry of footwear is now a thriving haven of food and anything within the degustation conquests. 

Capriserrie Bakeshop and Cafe is one of Markina's lustrous jewel when it come to must try's and must be's. It is nestled within the heart of the shoe capital, along Gen Ordonez St., where the Pan de Amerikana is also seated at. 

Having not possessed an innate spatial orientation when it comes to the east side of geography, my knowledge on where-to and what-are are but sparse, so having had discovered savory dining spots like this in an area where my only frame of thought is a place where shoemaking is a dominant footing.

Little did I know that it is also a teaser trove and a budding business of culinary goodness and some sort. 

It's a relatively quiet and homey place where the ambiance offered a warmth coming, where heart talks are meant to happen, where milestone are meant to be celebrated, and where dreams are meant to be forged. Not only does it offer good pastries and other casual foods, it's a good place to talk, study and do your business. 

Rocky Road Brownies

Blueberry Crumb and Apple Cinnamon Muffins.

Cheese Puffs

Egg Tart. Have yourself a treat.

BL ordered Turtle Pie

Complimentary bread for the pasta. 


Overall, the service is also good and the staff(including the owners) are visible in the dining area and are incredibly attentive to you diners' need. 

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