Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HTC Desire Z: A slide-out keyboard Desire

It's probably meant to rock the world of a Motorola Milestone(Droid) with a similar landscape QWERTY keyboard slide-out mechanism.

But this sibling of the Desire HD has more than its hood to offer. HTC Desire Z boasts of an impressive SLCD(Super LCD) screen rammed with other rafts of features. Indeed, it is a snazzy Droid offering from HTC, a brand juggernaut in mobile technosphere that started out making phones long before we had our first cellphones. Remember SMART Amazing Phone? It was actually an HTC hardware slapped with a SMART logo and offered first to the enterprise market and ultimately to consumers.

It is encased in a sturdy-built aluminum body and a beautiful screen nonetheless, despite of it not being AMOLED, unlike some Desire, due to Samsung's AMOLED hoarding… este shortage.

My only gripe though is the slide out keyboard has a questionable durability since it essentially swivels out three separate hinges instead of just two. I don't know what goes into the minds of HTC but come on, this isn't Optimus Prime!!!

Although the processor speed is just 800Mhz, a 200Mhz short of the de facto 1GHZ standards of the other competing brands, the application execution is still way snappy. 5Megapixel camera has LED flash which is handy when shooting under poorly-lit environmental conditions.

This is a pretty decent device if you're not concerned about its slide out hinges getting brittled overtime. And not bad for a Php26,000 price point.

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