Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eastwood Cafe at Richmond Hotel

Eastwood is bustling with energetic scene every week end, from cosplay competition to pet blessing, from concert events to Sunday organic market, from fashion bazaars to car exhibits. And the chances that I would be in Eastwood during week-ends is very slim, as you all know, I have a bit of a demophobia(unexplained fear of crowd), except that mine is not really a clinical phobia but a dislike of crowded places.

This is not one of those week-ends. With the first anniversary of Eastwood Richmond Hotel, they are offering a 1 + 1 buffet treat from November 24-30, 2011. That's essentially "buy-one, take-one" to a consuming demographics. And the place was as full as with Marriott Hotel Manila when they offer anniversary promo of similar vein at 50% off.

Eastwood Richmond Hotel is seated at the backdraft of an enviable location at the heart of posh residential and commercial centers within the Eastwood complex. The Eastwood Cafe offers a myriad of delectable choices, a gastronomic possibility of all forms and formulation, a continental cuisine from globally renowned culinary masters.

For their grilling station, they have Snapper, Squid, Beef Rib Eye, Pork Belly, and Chicken

Their main entrees include Beef with Spicy Garlic Black Bean Sauce and not in the pic were Pork Adobo, Thai Chicken Curry, and Chicken and Vetegable Shawarma.

They also have Baked Fish with Tofu and Coriander. Although not in the pic, on its side was a huge Baked LapuLapu with Ginger Hoisin and Ebi Tempura. There are Singaporean Seafood Vermicelli, and the untouched home-styled Pancit Canton.

Steamed vegetable goes well with meats.

They also have Mongolian and Pasta Station where you can ask the chef to prepare one for you with your choice of noodles, pasta, and ingredients.

Being a self-proclaimed steak slayer, my favorite among them is the Carving Station where a US Beef steak was done to perfection.

Since we started out too late, I wasn't able to grab a bread and a soup the way I usually do as a starter. They have Creamy Corn Soup, Mushroom Soup, assorted bread with the choices of Feta, Emmental, and Cheddar cheeses.

Cheesecakes. Definitely delectable. A must have for a concluding meal dessert.

Cappuccino Cake melts in the mouth. I can live without Tiramusu, for as long as there's Cappuccino Cake.

Chocolate Mousse. The sweetness is just right. I wish there'd be more of these. The Seasons, Marriot Cafe, Cafe Jeepney, and Basix have a wider option.

Chocolate Fountain for the youthful demeanor in me. I love sticking the marshmallow into the fountain, reliving what was once a Goya Fun Factory chocolate experience.

They also have an Ice Cream station but I only got an Ube Flavor. They ran out of chocolate.

Let's see what's on my plate.

I had Mongolian Noodlefest too. All ingredients.

And my grilled meats. They serve tea as well, which I found to be handy for the carnivorous' digestion process.

A combination of Braso de Mercedes, Linzer Tart, Apple Cinamon Crumble, and Cappuccino Cake.

A fresh green salad with Red Wine Vinaigrette.

Red and green apple in thin slices.

My first take on Richmond Hotel group was at their Ortigas area where I stated for a night and took the buffet a day after. But this is my first time in Eastwood Richmond Hotel.

We(me and my college room mate) were really late when we got here since we came from Alabang Town Center for a business appointment. So the foods that I snapped at are already mercilessly lambasted. :)

Since it's 1 + 1, we only paid Php1, 080 nett.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Ramen Bar: My third visit

This is not my first time at Ramen Bar. In fact, I made two entries about this already. And in all my life being there, I never veer way from the usual RBS madness I have.

Ramen Bar took the bustling ramen scene by storm as Charles Paw(the maker of Digital Hub) and Chef Masa Ishikawa(Japanese chef with several ramen chain across Nagoya, Japan) did a blood compact to invade the already rising ramen revolution in the metro.

Ramen Bar has always been consistently topping my list as far as best ramen is concerned, apart from the usual Ukokkei Ramen Ron(Pasay Road), Tamagoya(Antipolo), and Shinjuku(Little Tokyo Makati).

My first time here was during the soft launch itself. Sometimes it pays to have restauranteur friends who shared lots of common friends too because you get dragged to free meals on their opening nights. It was a good experience as we were given the opportunity to take a peep through their kitchen, where Charles ushered us around, telling us some kitchen dynamics behind it, although he didn't allow us to take picture inside. Hahaha. (I'm seated at the far end)

The second time was with friends I have known for a very long time, friends who despite the years and the busy schedules still manage to forge, meet, and laugh around.

The third was with colleague Rachel, fellow foodie, whose love for food is as tremendous as her love for fashion. After fiddling with her new Panasonic Lumix P&S, she became too busy deciding which food to devour.

She ordered Chicken Namban Rice Bowl(Php185 + 10% SC). It smelled good, so it must have tasted good.

Then goes the never-fail, deliciously served RBS(Php380 + 10%SC), soy-infused Tonkotsu Ramen topped with tamago, naruto, nori, negi, chasyu, and kakuni.

What's wrong with her taste bud, even with profuse amount of chilli powder and oil, she still stood unscathed, as if spicy hot soup is her ice cream, while I have to keep my glass of water filled up consistently to just to extinguish the fire in my mouth.

Last is the Tempura Ice Cream(Php120 + 10%), which is essentially just the only sweets they have. I am wishing Charles can add up some entrees on their menu, even a Kakigori is a heralding welcome. At the very least, for people who can't live without desserts, this is an option.

I'm suggesting Rachel can also try the Ukokkei Ramen Ron in Pasay Road Makati so she can have a comparison. She can bring her boyfriend around to have another taste bud to judge the food, for fairness sake.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Le Cuisine Francaise: French buffet, bon appétit

When the "Le Vie En Rose" was played on the background, it makes me think that I am in Paris. Le Cuisine Francaise, a French restaurant located at Sedeno corner San Agustin Makati surely knows how to complete the romanticism brand of Paris by fusing French delicieux and the ambiance only a Le Brasserie can provide. Not only do they serve impeccably tasteful cuisines but as well as nightly entertainment by Filipino and French plus other ex-pat musicians playing different musical genre from jazz to blues to broadway.

Behind the kitchen, whipping up to aggrandize your appetite is the d'Orival couple, French Jean and Filipina Michele. Their combination naturally brings a resilient element that can only be measured by the way at how they work on their menu, and seen at how remarkable their receptions are from the dining populace.

Le Cuisine Francaise serves lunch buffet during weekdays, for only Php499. Luckily I got it for only Php299.

Kick it off with Creamy Corn Soup.

Bread to start off your meal.

They have home-made pates and terrines.

Derivative of Southern France, they have the provencal type of chicken too.

Grits and Grillades - typical of a French dining table.

Vegetarian corner. A green is a must when eating meats as it helps in the digestion process of fats and tough meats, aside from thorough chewing.

Oil-based pasta. I'm wishing that they have a separate pasta section where diners can have the option of what pasta they like to have prepped at.

Garden fresh salad mesclun. I just came form the gym so this is just astutely fitting for my appetite.

Fruits - something that contained active laxative ingredients.

Desserts, butterscotch with butter on top.

The table is adorned with a Sauvignon wine and a beautiful lighting fixture.

Since they only have a few entrees for buffet, here are what I have been frequenting at.

And the garden fresh salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

And the garden fresh salad with balsamic vinaigrette.

Reservation says 11AM but their shop already opened at 11:55AM. I was wishing time is something they have to be wary of since it's a week day and it's at the heart of Makati's business district where businessmen's time is of an essence.

Bon appétit.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Archipelago 7107: Regional culinary treasure

Archipelago 7107 is a restaurant affiliate of the Barrio Fiesta group, a dining chain known to offer buffet style homegrown cuisines. The Archipelago 7107's concept lies on the encompassing 7107's islands best culinary treasure, hitting two birds at one stone by promoting the tourism flow and the delicacies that each island took a brimming pride with.

Located at Il Terrazo along Tomas Morato, Archipelago 7107 has a cozy ambiance for a restaurant, with vibrant lighting, minimalist and austere dining interior and stylish tables and chairs, some of which are a wicker-made to represent one of the most viable Philippine export industries.

Yet, despite the upscale atmosphere of a restaurant lies the reasonable price ranges of their entrees. I was lucky enough to have gotten a deal from a group buying site. For only Php465, you can get a KBL Pork with a pot of Kare Kare, 4 cups of rice, and 1.5L of Pepsi soda.

Kare-Kare(retailed at Php350), Tender Oxtail and tripe stewed in a creamy peanut sauce, a true Pinoy fiesta that is completed with a Shrimp Paste.

KBL(retaked at Ph275) - stands for Kadios, Baboy, and Langka. Kadios beans are a popular ingredient in Ilonggo cuisine of Iloilo. Throw in grilled pork belly with langka, and you have an unforgettable treat.

Given 4 cups of rice, this is advertised to be good for 4 persons, however, if only these advertisers know that ravenous species like me exist in this world, they may change their statements of estimations. Besides, the KBL only consists of one strip of pork.

Zark's Burger: Home of the Herculean burgers

The place is probably Taft's best kept secret, having served mammoth burgers while most are stuck with the commercialized overly priced variants. We(me and MobilityReel) once again hit the road at the Archer's Nook to try Zark's Burgers' enormously huge and engagingly delicious burgers, a delirious vice we both share-- to hunt for a culinary discovery that isn't detrimental to the pocket.

Zark's Burgers is not new particularly to the La Salle community as this is seated right in front of La Salle Taft. Obviously enough, when we dined there, the place is teeming with La Salle students that we think we were the only unresembling variables among the dining populace.

It has been a home to the metropolitan's tempting yet towering Tombstone burger, a two pound, four patty-layered cheeseburger covered with cheese sauce and served with 200grams of fries. Either they are truthfully brutal to what they advertise, or they are just exaggeratingly whimsical by their disclaimer saying: "This might kill you on the spot".

The place is a true blue(ahemmm, true green?) Archer's haven as the walls are slapped with the framed pictures of La Salle's Green Archer basketball team all over.

We started it off with Nachos(Php65) - tortilla chips topped with cheese sauce and home-made tomato salsa on the side.

Wings 'N Chips(Php120) - buffalo wings(choice of classic buffalo or barbecue buffalo) in chips served with fries.

His order, Zark's Ultimate Burger(Php130) - 1/4 pound burger with cheese sauce in a bed of fresh veggies and topped with sautéed mushroom and bacon

I was thinking if I go for the Jawbreaker, but I really want to have bacon on my burger so I ended up ordering Stone Cold Stunner(Php185) - double bacon cheeseburger in a bed of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, mushroom and caramelized onion.

Speaking go Jawbreaker(Php250), they have a promo that if you can finish it within 5min, it's your for free. But hold your horses yet, Jawbreaker is literally a jawbreaker as it is a triple layer cheeseburger with span, bacon and overflowing cheese.

It doesn't end there, you can also try their Tombstone(Php500), devour it in 10min and you'll get a free Zark's T-shirt and your picture gets posted in the garrison of gluttons, este Wall of Fame. :)

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