Sunday, August 7, 2016

Buffalo Wild Wings at the Conrad Manila Hotel

It was a very long, laborious day and we worked like a log, traversing from heads office to site to training centre and back to the head office(in another tower). So our newly founded subcultural assembly, from the whole IT group, mostly consists of IT project managers, application support and me as a sole IT asset management slave, which we collectively, fondly call “The Night Class” since we at almost a daily basis spent late night work because of a tremendous pile of work, decided to paint the town red. 

It was a Friday, a payday Friday that is, and as expected the mall that is close to our office is already cramming with the south’s foot traffic. And the nearest spot we could hang around into is the Conrad which is practically uncharted by mall rats. 

And given that SMaison is already closed, where else can we saunter that at the Buffalo Wild Wings. 
Buffalo Wild Wings is an American-based casual dining and sports bar, proliferated from Ohio, USA and had already set forth their commercial expansions at Canada, Mexico, and lately, at The Philippines. This franchise though is currently under corporate umbrella of the Bistro Group, hence explains our discount(thank you, Bistro Card). 

Let’s see what we have on our table.

Baby Back Ribs that is so flavourful. A pork meat is usually hard to crunch but this is probably the softest pork that I have ever tasted. It’s so flavourful that I ended up having more pork than beef, an outright violation of my gustatory rule of thumb.
Fries to complement the comfort. 
And who would want to miss their highly acclaimed buffalo wings. It’s relatively pricier than most, but, it was heavenly. Buffalo wings are served with 18 signature and dry seasonings of your choice— from barbecue with a mildly hot, sweet tang, to a really blazing hot variant. 

All in in all, that experience itself is topnotch as you can get to watch your favourite sports channel. But since, I am not really into sports other than bowling and golf, my gastronomic gusto leads to the cuisine, and those fall-off the-bone meaty goodness of baby back ribs and pork belly. 

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