Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Red Crab Cafe Lunch Buffet

Stammering lunch buffet graces my day c/o Red Crab Cafe at Gateway. It was a perfect timing as I was there around 11AM, just exactly a time that the buffet table was opened.

Little did I know that Red Crab Group of Restaurants have been whipping up buffet meal concepts to their loyal patrons when I asked the server about other restaurant promos. Accordingly Crustasia and other Red Crab Seafood Club branches have the same promo too, but on a bit steeper price point as they have more menu variety that comes with a hefty premium. Gateway Mall's branch is just a cafe, so I was thinking that it could be the reason why they have fewer variety. That was sort of disheartening because being a seafood specialty restaurant, I was expecting steaming crabs and sizzling shrimps(and possibly lobsters).

If you're willing to crack a Php299 + SC price for a sparse buffet that is practically just a Barbecue, Grilled Pork, and Crabfat Linguini, then this might just be for you to try out. Just square it off with quantity.

Along with the main entrees, they also have loads of add on like: Escargot Al Aiilo with Sliced Pesto Toasts, Seafood Chowder soup, Garden Fresh and Ceasar salads, Steamed Rice, Fruit Festival, Smoked Salmon wrapped in banana leaf, and Caramel Pie.

On the first place, I never had any flaming fondness over Raymund Magdaluyo's restaurant chains, well not the same level of ardor as compared to how I do with Rob Goco's, so my expectation at Red Crab Buffet is relatively not that superlative.


  1. Hmmm sounds interesting. lahat kaya ng branches may buffet for 299? would like to dine at Newport branch. maybe when I get back from Cebu

  2. @Rome: hindi lahat, and they have different price point by the way, kase iba iba rin yung menu variety nila. mura lang sa Gateway kase it is just a Cafe, while the one at the Resort World is an Alimango House.

  3. im in gateway often but i haven't tried this yet. Hmmm pero ang kaunti ng buffet selection - then again pwede na for Php299 i guess.

    Did you try their main entrees too? :) masarap ba? and how much yung price range ng entrees nila?

  4. @Smarla: i haven't tried the main entrees yet for this branch, however i have tried the Greenbelt 3 branch long time ago, pero nilibre naman ako nun so i can't remember the price.


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