Friday, January 27, 2012

Mr. Miyagi: Eat-All-You-Can smokeless grill

From the same entertainment conglomerate who brought to you Laffline, Punchline and MetroBar comes another whimsical take, this time in a form of gastronomic amusement.

Athough food industry isn't a stranger to the de Villa as they have been franchising Binalot Filipino flair for quite some time now, Mr. Miyagi is their first spin-off from the usual bar joint and chill-out travesty.

Located at the heart of Timog, Mr Miyagi isn't hard to find with their uberly vibrant lighting and clear glass window. The interiors were a straightforwardly unassuming and unceremoniously simple, soft couches neatly arranged all over a vastly spacious dining area, and a buffet spread at the middle, much like how the Yakimix did theirs. Also the chandeliers where somewhat derivative to the Yakimix(Trinoma), although I wish it wasn't intentional.

Their grillables include a whole gamut of thinly sliced cut pork, beef, fish, shrimp and chicken meats.

Yes broccoli, it's nice to have if you maintain a proper balance of things on a table.

They have a rice, noodles, and other varieties too. It's a good thing to have while waiting for your grillables to get perfectly done.

Crab but I didn't taste this because I don't want to go through the hassle of tediously unfolding the meat inside their hard shell.

Tempura. Their most-replenished pre-cooked entree.

Spicy hot pork. Best mate for a beer? :)

Bell Pepper and mushroom contrasting the ickyness of meat.

Sweet and sour, they have done it right, with just the right balance.

Calamares style squid. Bring on the dip.

Crunchy goodness shrimp. This is close to being a shrimp chicharon.

Another shrimp. Tasty as it already is.

Fillet. I let it pass because I can get this from just anywhere.

And another variant.

Best complemented with the appropriate sauce.


They have different sauces as well. Make sure you get the right one for the right entree.

And Japanese section to include Maki, Sushi and Sashimi. I was disappointed with the Wasabi thigh because it lack a tanginess kick.

To conclude your meal, get some of these fresh fruits and desserts.

Or perhaps a salad will do.

You can also do your own garden fresh salad.

Let's see what I have on my plate. Squid, shrimp, sweet and sour goodness.

Sashimi on the far end and the grilled meats. Dip it with Ponzu or Korean Mizu sauces.

Dry noodles. And another round of sweet and sour delight.

I took the the large slice. Dessert time.

I just made this, Crepes topped with Chocolate and Strawberry ice cream with cherry on top.

Fruit salad. It was unplanned so I wasn't able to prep up a gastric stretching exercise, hence I spent it up to desserts for most of my time.

My finale was a quad-scope of ice cream, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry and Mocha.

The damage? Monday to Friday Php499 on lunch and Php599 for dinner. Week ends will cost you at Php649. I think it's better to get it on a weekday lunch because their bottomless ice teas(Green and Red Tea) were free. But that wasn't so damaging at all. Although for this type of restaurant set up, SamboKojin still has the discernible hand, and it is perhaps because of their long experience in this industry.

At the end of the meal, the restaurant manager was nice enough to have a casual chat and handed me a 50% discount card for Laffline entrance. :)


  1. kaasar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! from top to bottom! almost chewed on my ipaD wtf

  2. @Charles: i also wish my iPad also beamed hologram images of everything too, to accelerate appetite while reading cookbooks, right? :)

  3. bakit may hotdog? hehehe

    i remember your post about causeway, alam ko na kung saan siya

  4. @Katey: the hotdog for the child in me, bwahahaha. yeah, halos magkalapit lang sya ng Causeway, one block away. :)

  5. How much ang per-head dyan? I'm planning to take someone there.. SOMEONE REPLY PLEASE.

  6. @Peach: mas magaling ka pa nyan Peach, trust me.

  7. @Anonymous: i posted the price there, last paragraph.

  8. @Carmela: hello, thank you for dropping by. :)

  9. i also have a few yum trips to share :-)

  10. @Carmela: I noticed that one too, you have traveled far and wide.

  11. hehe. still got a myriad of unpublished foodie tales to share po :-) funny foodie stories from east to west, bahay to school, work to resto walkabouts, etc., etc. hahaha :-)

  12. @Carmela: dare to share and we'll be delighted to drool.

  13. How much per head sa dito?

  14. @Anonymous: Monday to Friday Php499 on lunch and Php599 for dinner. Week ends will cost you at Php649

    1. Hi, do u accept party reservations, it will be held weekend lunch time. What are the freebies and how much per head? Thanks

    2. i hope so, but to make it sure, please contact them at 3760839 or 3761475.

  15. Hi, i just want to inquire if u cater a christening party? What are the freebies?

    1. to make it sure, you may reach them at 3760839 or 3761475.

  16. I saw a deal about this. 649php to 430php is it worth it? What do you suggest?

    1. hello marga, it is worth it i think. other options are SamboKojin, Bono Yaki, and Yakimix of course.

  17. We ate here recently, the price was only 350 because of their Halloween promo. Ilove everything. The food is scrumptious. :)

  18. waahhh im craving now!! if you are a ROYALISTA you'll get discount ;)

  19. Sarado na cya? Went there last night...


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