Thursday, December 9, 2010

Sumdex Aircube Laptop Sleeve

On the first week from the soft launch of the Digital Walker in Eastwood, me and Mr.MobilityReel headed off. The shop was one of the lifestyle digital convergence shops of Charlie Paw, same man behind the Digital Hub fame. The only difference of this retail concept is the incorporation of camera technology in the Digital Walker, while purely gadgets for the Digital Hub. See? You can see me frolicking around and holding a Samsung ST550 in the picture. That darn huge digital camera!!! LoL.

I have a growing fondness for Charlie's shops because it caters to all the needs of a road warrior in me, in all of us, especially for those mobile professionals always carrying a laptop wherever, whenever.

One caveat of lugging around a laptop is the strain of subjecting your device into extreme wear-and-tear. So how does one protect his laptop from the rigid mobility and extensive travels.

For one, you need to have a bag well-cushioned to protect it from the accidental bumps and untoward repugnance. Secondly, you need to have a sleeve fitted for the size of your laptop that will protect your device from wiggling around, scratching your laptop out of other hard objects in bag, or even the zipper material of the sleeve itself.

One solution is the Sumdex Aircube Sleeve that featured air cell technology (pending patent application) for excellent protection and functionality. It also has a semi-transparent Quick Check system that allows an easier access to airport safety measures in a breeze.

The design is not only one-of-a-kind and stylish, the functionality is reassuring as it is promising. The front-side of the sleeve is made up of Thermoplastic Urethane Air-Pockets which delivers imminent protection from knocks and inevitable resistance from water spills. The back is made of up shock-absorbing neoprene. The double zip lock allows easy access while the internal zipper lip prevents it from scratching the lid and edges of your precious laptop.

For a Php1,650 a pop, I think it is one good and must-buy sleeve if you want perfect protection for your digital concierge.


  1. I'm not really a techie person nor into gadgets but I need a good camera bag!

  2. @Peach: Digital Walker has a myriad of them. they have several branches too. Trinoma, Greenhills, Market Market, Park Square One, Eastwood, and a lot more.


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