Wednesday, June 3, 2009

iPhone 3G: My birthday buffet

Ok, June 28 is almost near. And I will be turning tooooot - not that I don't want to disclose my aging process, I think there is more to life in celebrating birthdays other than to summon senescence.

So what do I have this time aside from counting the waning number of friends-acquiantances ratio. Or aside from the ever growing inequitable demands of my job versus the salary grade.

While most people like to travel far and wide and explore the unchartered places only featured in travel channels, while they find excitement in booking flight schedules, checking travel advisories, and shopping for needed trek techs, I have a simpler vision of what a grand birthday would be.

Drum roll please... I got myself an iPhone 3G. Yes, I don't really find investing temporal leisures on travcel expenses, instead, a material acquisition takes its toll in my satisfaction gaurantee lists. At least, Ii have it, physically. And it isn't ephemeral like travels, it isn't perishable like gustatory filling in an expensive fancy resto. I have IT and I have it in my hands, not just a visual feast. It's a birthday buffet for myself.

The thing is, most of my contacts are in my previous Moto Q phone, so guys, if you're reading this, and you happen to text me, don't be surprised if I bluntly replied "hu u" because to be honest, I don't really know who you are if you don't state your name. Don't wory, you may not be in my iPhone's addy book, you're still in my heart.

But since I heart you all and you don't want to see me bleed on my birthday, some gift ideas-coming-true would be graciously welcomed. Be it a simple text message, a good book, a set of science documentary dvd's, a gift cheque for a gluta injectibles, or even a spa for two certificates are just as good to spare for your big daaahlin' in his xxth birthday.

I trust your creativity for that ocassion.

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