Friday, December 30, 2011

Shakey's cravings after a hard day's work

When I say I reeled by the apothegm that says "fast-food on week days, fine dining on week ends", I meant fast-foods to be Kenny Rogers, Bon Chon, or Shakeys.

Unless I am in a no man's land where the only chains that were able to penetrate are McDo and Jollibee and when my life hangs in the balance is perhaps the only time that I may take them. Not that I have anything against them, but I felt like spending a few hundred bucks more, I can get a decent meal at Bon Chon.

And after a grueling night from work, Shakey's is the only closer spot to have a dinner.

Started it off with courtesy Garic Bread - oven-baked bread with garlic butter sprinkled with bits of parsley.

And now here comes the order, Deal Number 2 consisting of Spaghetti Platter and.... I don't like the pasta though because it felt so diluted and lacks fullness. I like the formerly Fazoli's pasta better.

Buddy Pack Chick n Chips(consisting of 5 chicken and a Mojos) and…

A large thin-crust Manager's Choice Pizza, loaded with ham, Italian sausage, beef, green bell pepper, and onions, plus a pitcher of iced tea.

For a price of Php835 + 10% SC, I ended up so full that I was in almost at a comatose state screaming for my dear bed to lull me to sleep.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Buffet 101 at the San Miguel by the Bay

Life's assiduous. And having been snowed under an avalanche of things these days with Christmas soirees and corporate events left and right, I have had a difficult time doing the other love of my life, eating at a buffet. Besides, all hotel buffet restaurants that I tried asking for reservation are fully booked.

Saturday finally came, and we(me and my college room mate) decided to meet up at SM MOA to try the newest buffet place in town, Buffet 101.

Buffet 101 is located at the San Miguel by the Bay, just right at the back of the SMX Convention Center. If you know Vikings, the other buffet restaurant in the area, Buffet 101 is located at the other side of the spectrum. The location is good for the bay area, because if you get lost finding either of them, you'd still end up finding one or the other.

Buffet 101 brims with pride for having a neat and spacious buffet place with lofty interiors, luxurious lighting fixtures, laudable crystal string curtains, and grand chandeliers exalted aboard the suspended fixation atop the long buffet table.

Help yourself on the food as I wasn't able to get the names of the entrees, I was already rabidly hungry.

Pesto pasta. Beside it is a Beef Lasgna.

Fish fillet with fresh vegetables.

Another bounty from the sea.

The Filipino's coffeemate to a beer, a marinated, boiled, grilled and fried pig face(ears, cheeks, and snout).

And another staple for a drinking session(by the way, this buffet serves beer too, aside from soda and juices), Roasted Pork Knuckles.

I haven't tried this, but this looks like Quesadilla. I think I have to ask Marga whom this entry is dedicated to.

Middle eastern delight with your choice of dip.

Best served hot.

This is a must for a buffet. If you get icky, intend of water, just get this hot soup.

Assorted breads.

Italian Pizza. Beside it, they have have french fries and sausages too.

Something for the diabetic few like me.

They're really fresh, the crabs were even alive and kicking as I lift it up and gave to the chef.

French fries fish fillet?

Shrimp tempura.

Japanese maki of different kinds, Tempura Maki, Tiger Prawn Maki, Kani Sushi, Tokyo Sandwhich, Tamago Sashimi, Crabstick Sashimi, Jurassic Maki, Las Vegas Maki, Spicy Salmon Maki, California Maki, Tuna Sushi, among many others.

Mussels, pork, and veggies triumvirate.


Crispy fried chicken, spring chicken style.

Chicken Teppanyaki.

Shrimp and beef combo.

Lechon Macau.

Chicken swimming in a special sweet and sour sauce.

Chilli Crab, so crunchy you'd want more despite of its chilli hot flavor.

Chinese section. They have dumplings too and you can ask the chef to prep you a nice hot Chinese soup.

Traditional Chocolate cake, decadent style.

Caramel Cake. Almost left untouched except for a single slice.

Ube Cake. We were seated near the dessert station(where else is the nicest spot than the one near the desserts), and we witnessed how cakes come and go. This was replenished thrice. Talking about best seller, huh.

This is ran so delectable, I made a second round of it.

Desserts section.

Brulee and Panna Cotta.

Fruits. You can have them served in shake too.

Halo halo and ice cream station.

What did I have on my plate?

A little bit of everything.

Seafood diet, but wait…. there's more.

I made myself a Thai soup too.

I am not really a fan of a food that requires you to tediously go through a process of meat filtration before you can finally eat them.

I asked the chef at the chinese section to make me a noodle soup.

And my favorite, two slices of sirloin steak at the carving station, plus a roast pork rib.

Halo-halo and a Papaya shake

Watermelon shake

They have a crepe station where the chef assigned at the cold kitchen can whip up a crepe for you at your choices of fillings.

The prices….

Although Vikings still has the widest array of them all as far as buffet spread is concerned, I like Buffet 101 for being less crowded. Those who have been with me knew that I am not aloof, rather a bit demophobic that I don't want any strangers getting inside my personal circumference, hence my pertinent aversion to crowded places.

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