Monday, October 7, 2013

A Boracay Sojourn

In a place where the breathtaking view of the sunset casting grandiosely and sailboats' silhouette slicing through it, I can probably be found just curling up in bed, glued to my favorite TV series "The Big Bang Theory" or "Agents of SHIELD". Yes, I am that resistive when it comes to anything beach-related. 

Until along came a Polly(albeit important)... the "polly" of my life. 

I planned out the proposal last March and so when August came, everything was almost already cleanly arranged. September came, and I have to face my most aversed environment, the beach-- the Sun-wrought, hot and melanin-awakening beach. Yes, I have to fly to Boracay to ask her to marry me. It was a surprise since she was thinking she's just with a family and her best buddy Janey, while I am left working my butt out.(I was still working for our astronomy yearbook that night when I got there). 

All my bags are packed(I travel light and I only have a small trolley bag for my clothes and a backpack for my laptop), ready to go, but only to be humstrung by a mishap along the way prior to the smoothly arrayed proposal: I was delayed for my flight that I have to have it rebooked because I overlooked and was fixated at the arrival date instead of the departure date, that I have to have my flight rebooked to the next one. 
Good thing, the folks at the Boracay Mandarin Hotel waited for me. I can just imagine them waiting from 9:30am to 11:30am. I arrived at the Godofredo P. Ramos Airport in Caticlan surprisngly on time(surprisngly since Cebu Pacific are never known to be sticklers of punctuality, for several reason, both sensible and senseless).

The Boracay Mandarin welcoming entourage took me to the cabin cruiser type boat alone, a la Napoles lifetyle privately charting a yacht for my own caprices. 
The event happened at the Don Vito Restauramt, an Italian restaurant heralded as the Philippine's Best Restaurant in 2011 by Asia Tatler Dining. My calculated thought process says it is maybe partly because they have a luxurious ensemble of fine wines to which Asia Tatler would really find it enticing.

The music "I would take the stars out of the sky for you... stop the rain from fallin' if you ask me too..." played. 

Then there goes a restaurant server handing her over the cake that says "Will you?" because I dread the entire "Willl you marry me" might not fit the cake surface. 

Then me, the 'kabogable me' in sudden apparition, bringing huge flowers. It's really huge, it's probably around 4feet tall(imagine forlorn flowers minus the stand). And a diamond ring that sealed it all.
The next day, we dined in at the same restaurant and the staff are apparently ogling at her ring finger. We became an overnight sensation that everyone knew and greeted us already by our name in a cordial manner. 

Let's see what they serve:
The bacon strip.
Dip-fried chicken.
Spanish-styled sardines
Pancakes and steamed hot potato. 
Filipino staple vermicelli and a fried milkfish. 
Sausages and Shanghai roll. 
Bacon and beef strips. 
Assorted bread. 
Fruit medley. 
Salad toppings.
Freshly squeezed juice. 
Our welcome drink that we availed the morning after arrival.
We thought of daring to parasail but since she has a slight acrophibia(though medically undeclared), we just stayed at the boat. Then we scoured the expanse of the seashore, walking barefooted, hand in hand and feeling the murmur of the breeze from the glistening sea until we reached our hotel lobby.
Upon going home, we took the same cabin cruiser, just the two of us. We have all the spaces to dance our heart out.
And when I said WE, it includes her flower. The picture you see above is already at a plane. 

And here we are again, in Manila, working our ass out, so we can give each other a good and comfortable life. 

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