Sunday, October 5, 2014

Greg & Sally Tree Garden Cafe in Marikina City

When one think of a garden-inspired dining haven, your involuntary neuron will always register Sonya's Garden. Nothing beats the organic entrees of Sonya's but if you would like to settle for a neighborly ambiance, one may stop by Greg & Sally Tree Garden Cafe in Marikina. 

Marikina has been a treasure trove of fine culinary experience, and Greg & Sally is one of those iconic experiences, where the restaurant is nestled within the lush greeneries inside the garden enclosure.

The dining space is a little squeaky but there's an open air area that will provide a windy comfort of an organic breeze. 

Calamansi & MInt Juice and Dalandan & Tarragon Tea(Php60 each). You can read short stories while waiting for you order. We were given about 20 min as preparation lead time. I particularly like "Run Kuting Run!"

Glazed Pork Cop(Php120) - port chop marinated with special barbecue sauce served with rice.

Gourmet Tinapa(Php175) - Tinapa flakes served with a side of Talinum salad, egg and rice. Obviously, or order of someone with a Kapangpangan descent, my Baby Lovey. 

Talinum salad to blend with the Tinapa. 

Peppered Steak Premium(Php190) - pork steak marinated in special spices, served with mango salsa and steamed rice. 

Maybe because they are trumpeting organic inclination that I felt that the food tastes generally bland. Good thing is that Baby Love's order had a salad to compliment the taste and I requested for a toyomansi to thicken the taste of the steak. 

But for its price, what more could you ask for. And with Baby Love frogging my heart out, what more can I say. 

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