Friday, December 3, 2010

Rockstars of Science

Just as any profession and passion we do, we created an ephemeral iconology in our lives. Some adored Tiger Woods, Lebron James, Steve Jobs, Warren Buffet, Justin Bieber, and Jessica Simpson. We look up to them like they were the paradigm of our existence, the exemplary path that we follow.

I am not different. For those who have been ramming down my throat and keeping up my boring traverses in life, you know that my after-office life is with the scientific community. I adore Nobel laureates just as I do with backyard inventors.

But these circle of great men and woman rippled a centripetal effect of my scientific aspirations. From left to right were: Galileo Galilei(astronomer, Scientific Revolution),Marie Curie(chemist, radioactivity), Robert Oppenheimer(physicist, father of the Atomic Bomb), Isaac Newton(physicist, discover universal graviton), Louis Pasteur(microbiologist, vaccination), Stephen Hawking(cosmologist, quantum gravity), Albert Einstein(physicist, Special Relativity Theory), Carl Sagan(astronomer, exobiology and Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) , Thomas Edison(inventor, various electrical devices),Aristotle(philosopher, physical science), Neil deGrasse Tyson(astrophysicist, intelligent design concept) , Richard Dawkins(ethologist, genetic-based evolution), and Charles Darwin(naturalist, Natural Selection Theory).

They're the rockstars of science and I want them on my dining area, at the center of where the giant wooden spoon and fork are located at.


***To my fellow astronomers, see you in our Christmas Party. Dec 12, Manila Planetarium***

I'm pretty excited on our lecture: Applied Science on Meteor Showers.



  1. Ang galing ah! Buti nakahanap ka ng ganitong picture hehe

  2. @Michelle; this pic has been circulating in our fold(Fil astronomers group) for quite some time now. :)

  3. did you go to a science HS john?

  4. @ladyE: does that question pose an indirect affirmation of how geeky tend to be? hahaha.

  5. well, if it's any consolation, if you say yes then that makes us both geeks

  6. wooow! :D party in manila planetarium, panalo!

    nice picture :D


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