Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Time Traveler

Lately, the internet community was stunned by flooding comments about a man(or a woman) believed to have been a time traveller and was caught on a Charlie Chaplin tape.

The video link was shown to me by our organization president, James Kevin Ty, and asked my thought about it. When I saw the link, there were already streams of comments from my peers at the scientific community. But allow me to resonate what I just said:

Our current law of physics(and its compelling scientific understanding) only suffice to conclude that time is a dimension that can be traveled forward, not backward. At least that was how we initially thought it to be. According to Albert Einstein, the universe is exponentially expanding and not rotating. Even if one can bend the fabric of time and space by harnessing a "wormhole", it only brings us forward. Not only does wormhole currently theoretical, but it will also open a canister of worms due to its issues of instability, radiation exposure, and Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle.

Einstein's theory was constantly debated though. He postulated that light is the universal speed limit, that the mass will increase as the object will reach near speed of light. But with the presence of tachyons and torsion waves, it now comes for questioning. Einstein's neighbor at Princeton Unversity, Kurt Goedel, one of the greatest mathematical logicians the world has ever known, found a groundbreaking idea that may have pave the way for time travel. The river of time now has whirlpools in which time could wrap itself into a circle. He said that the universe if filled with rotating fluid, and anyone walking around the direction of the rotation would find himself back at the starting point, but ultimately backwards in time. His theory is indeed more than what a time dilation can offer.

Ok, even if we are going to assume that time travel is possible, how can he transmit cellphone signal wayback 1920s. Where is the signal streaming through. What particles(including vector bosson/wave carrier) do this signal require to be able to permeate outside the confines of our universe(provided that the man came from another point of multiverse).

If he came from a civilization way ahead of our time, why does he have a 20th century cellphone which would probably be archaic in his existing generation. Wouldn't they have holograms? Or even technology-driven(isotope-injected) telepathic transfer of information packets by that time?

Some even suggested that it was a hearing aid. Two possible devices in questions were:

- Siemens pocket sized carbon microphone/amplifier device

- Western Electric Model 34A "Audiphone" Carbon Hearing Aid

Oh well, science cannot declare both its nullity and authenticity without experimented and empirical data to prove its existence or non-existence. So as a man of science, I am currently suspending my belief until substantially proven right or wrong.


  1. I also saw this, find it creepy but refuse to believe it. I dunno.

  2. Have seen this in Yahoo but ignored it as a hoax.

  3. @MrsM: I'd have to agree with you.

  4. @Michelle and Kate: with its incongruity of facts, this is leaning towards being a hoax. however, one can never declare either its nullity or authenticity.

  5. i agree with always moving into the future, not backwards. The same principle applies to the Bermuda Triangle. One pilot was able to get out of it alive and he time traveled into the future but for only a few minutes. he didn't go back, he was pushed forward.


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