Sunday, October 31, 2010

Kozui Green Tea Bar

Along Tomas Morato is a quaint little Japanese tea place that accordingly serves the best tea beverage in town, Kozui essentially brew all kinds of tea concoctions -- from the shake-type, iced-blended, to frapuccino-like tea drinks. With it, they also have a fascinating array of tea paraphernalia, from cups to pots to the novelty tea cup covers.

But apart form that, they now expanded their product line to soup, salad, appetizer, and Japanese rice bowls. From the numerous times I have been in this restaurant strip of Quezon City, I have never dropped by here.

The mural is reminiscent to the C2 green tea bottle, only that it is accentuated by container of gourmet green tea in different variants.

But because I am in a frantic search to find a coffee shop as my near-house study place for my exams(away from the bustling and noisy road excavations in our street), I visited the place.

Wearing just a pair of household-worn shorts, shirt and sneakers, I whisked away to try out their tea goodies.

I got myself a Matcha Green Tea, a ground green tea that contain higher concentrations of catechins and vitamins.

Accompanying my drink is a Japanese favorite streetfood, Takoyaki, a fresh pan-grilled samurai balls flavored with generous chunks of Tako(octopus in English), negi, red ginger, cabbage served with Japanese mayonnaise, bonito flakes, aonori and special tangy, in-house Takoyaki sauce with a subtle touch of sweetness. The bonito flakes were so thin that you think the Takoyaki balls moved in its own volition, but it's the airconditioner vents that make the flakes dancing.

To top it all, I had my brain food. Sugar. The legendary Anmitsu Taro, a lot like a Japanese superlative halo-halo version. It's a combination of green tea jelly cubes, pink and white dango balls similar to ginataang's galapong, azuki beans, purple taro jam, and a swirl of green tea ice cream sitting at the throne of finely shaved ice. It was so good that it's probably one of the best desserts I have ever tasted. Smooth and sweet.

Now, time to study….


  1. I have been there several times before until mag sawa ako. Right now, I go to Serenitea for milk tea naman. You should try it too!

  2. yeah, only limited to Makati and Ortigas area.

  3. I love everything that you had....mapuntahan nga yan...

  4. @Michelle: no choice eh. it was the closest non-crowded spot i can find that's near my place. coffee shops along tomas morato are always full. but i will try serenitea someday.

  5. @Peachy: yes, you might want to try it out. i tried two organic menu that day, the other one being Le Bistro Vert at Fraser Place, Valero.

  6. @Kate: i'm a makati person most of the time din naman eh. but i just reside in qc. :) by the way, there's also a joey pepperoni at the fort. i am itching to try it out.

  7. I see, my time does not require me to go that far in QC kasi (being in a grave yard schedule), Ah really? that's nice, you should try dining there, try the quattro formaggi, I loved it to bits. I'm not sure with your taste though, but it's worth ordering. Let me know when you've dined there already :)

  8. The way you describe each detail of the food you've tried, you sound like a chef! Idol HAHA :)

  9. Ang dami nga nowadays na mga tea shops na sprouting all over the metro lalo na along banawe.


  10. @michelle: ah because people are so concerned about their health with the up against endless streams of pollution and fastfood/junkfod phenomenon?

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