Sunday, November 21, 2010

RockMelt: Rocking your browser experience

I'm a rabid user Safari(my Snow Leopard browser) but recently I just received an invite to try out a new browser. Dubbed as a pseudo-social networking hub, Rockmelt is essentially a Google Chromium foundation software, somehow reminiscent to Flock which is based on Firefox.

Rockmelt capitalizes the fact that most netizens are generally emblazoned to the social networking sites. This browser cleanly integrates the Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Gmail, Blog, RSS Feeds among other plethora of social platforms when you launch it.

Rafts of features include a display of your online Facebook friends and their new post and status for you to peruse upon, and a nifty Facebook feed and Twitter update on the right side that has the option for a full-page view. Clicking on the icon pops out a list of new articles using site RSS feed.

It's so handy because you can chat with your Facebook friends even without opening it. Messenging aspect is widely regarded as a browser phenomenon by allowing a collaborative photo sharing and web viewing.

Some functionalities though are still in my testing table and will probably give a full-blown review about it in the coming days.

Right now the browser is still in Beta stage and is only available by invitation, so who else would I invite but my friends who are using Mac and are addictively social networking junkies in the likes of Aixa Sison and my cousin Janice Mercado.

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