Saturday, November 6, 2010

Le Bistro Vert at the Fraser Place

I first know this resto at the Terminal 3 of Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Now, with the syndication of world-class Chef Sau Del Rosario, Le Bistro Vert fortified their offerings via the fusion of chemical-free, local agricultural products with a twist of rich European style culinary culture. Environmentally-sound restaurants mushroomed in the metropolis, but seldom can you see one taking noble strive to help farmers by advocating their production for sustainability. That is the core value of this restaurant. Every diner becomes an ambassador of agricultural progress.

From being a coffee-based establishment(one that I am used to), they now metamorphosed into a restaurant incorporating organic ingredients into foreign dishes.

Located at the second level of Fraser Place Tower, Le Bistro Vert is a nice cozy hang-out for a warm talk without the feel of an overly commercialized cafe experience.

I was caught up in Valero without having a lunch yet last Saturday, so I thought of trying out at the Le Bistro Vert. The place is teeming with a distinctively indigenous theme with their virtually green-colored interior. The wall decor depicts aquatic motif, matching the overall design.

I had an Inch-Thick Grilled Porkchop(Php295 + 10% SC) for my meal as I was so hungry. It's a combination of mango topic salsa, garlic mashed potato, and a cup of brown rice. The meat was a bit hard though that I have to cut them with full force.

To conclude my gustatory session, and given a bit hard meat lunch, I had to grab a Le Bistro Vert Ceasar(Php210 + 10% SC) that contains salted egg, tinapa, and queso de bola. On top of the leafy greens were palatable twigs. The salad taste good, and is enough to aid in my digestion.

Le Bistro Vert is a unique concept of casual dining that is Earth-friendly, and is befitting for those trying to be fit.


  1. my hubby loves porkchops...I guess this is one of the places we have to avoid if they serve tough porkchops...

  2. I love porkchops!!! Try Tasty's porchop in Banawe less than PhP100 lang lol

  3. @michelle: really? less than a hundred bucks? i paid for that porkchop at le bistro vert for almost three hundred. more like Php275+sc or Php225+sc yata.

    @peasch: i am not really a porkchop person. i am more of a steak or beef person. wala lang kaseng steak dito. corned beef lang. :)

  4. yuuuum! i love porkchops! i want to try out this place :D

  5. hey there, just in case you are interested about brother's burger, check out this link (i read from one of your previous plurks on how you missed on one of the promos of BB before)



  6. @kate: oh yes, because the nearest burger joints in my area are Wham and Bite Club only. but i will check the link and try BB on promo period and when i am at the malls. thank you katey :)

  7. cafemobility, sana you'll put prices next time. Our final class in Ateneo was held at Le Bistro Vert. I didn't taste the food though coz I didn't order! Haha! Walang budget nung araw na un e! But it's a nice resto indeed and there were a lot of people during lunch time.

  8. @LadyE: hahaha. at last, one coaxed me to include prices. thank you, and will do backtrack by rummaging my receipts.


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