Saturday, November 27, 2010

Society Lounge: Makati's Social Joint

It has risen its stanchion as a premiere destination for the nocturnal elite, the Makati's favorite social joint, Society Lounge is where I had myself a fill last night. Hell no, I am not classifying myself as one, I just didn't have a choice since both Singaporean and Korean restaurants I planned to dine in at the Ayala Triangle, Wee Nam Kee and Bon Chon, are unusually full.

So my choices would just be Escolta at the Manila Peninsula, Old Swiss Inn at the Sommerset, or Society Lounge at the Atrium. I can't have a buffet that evening because I was slated to be at Epoy Larredo's homecoming slash house party later that night(which I supposed would challenge my beer tummy), so I tried Society Lounge instead.

Society Lounge is inspired by the famed French Fashion Food and, since its opening last March of this year, it has revolutionized metropolitan's dining experience. It is essentially a French fusion cuisine that serves the best of epicurean French-Asian menu that scales new heights of exquisite taste and urban sophistication. The place is a masterpiece of Chef Patrice Freuslon whom I have meet that night. Being a pastry chef for the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Houston Texas and Circus Restaurant in Lebanon are but among of his culinary credentials.

The interior is reminiscent to the Almario design-elements but it was actually Chef Patrice's uniquely compelling ideas. Shrouded with sleek and elegance, its high ceiling is flooded by dazzling chandeliers, its wooden floors radiated by couches and chairs in rich-textured fabrics.

My meal kicked off with courtesy bread, most of them wheat, that comes with rolled butters like Yema. Then comes the Linguini a la Carbonara Creme with Bacon bits(Php475 + 12% SC), full-bodied and is enough to satisfy a hungry stomach. Then to finish it all would be a Symphony of Assortment de Desserts Selectionnes Per Le Chef(Php375 + 12% SC). After my meal, a rich robusta coffee was provided by the Chef.

During week-ends, the restaurant reels into an entertainment hub as the night deepens, with dim lights, DJ's booth, and chill-out music to boot.

The place is a realm of class and elegance, recommended for those dining and drinking crowds who'd like to taste the luxury of fun-filled music and a blend of fantastic food.


  1. Hey, you did eat at Society Lounge. :D I haven't tried this place yet.

    "Hell no, I am not classifying myself as one, I just didn't have a choice since both Singaporean and Korean restaurants" --> hahaha this comment made me laugh :D

    Wow you're lucky, you met Chef Freuslon that evening. :)

    Nicely written John Ray! :)

  2. @Smarla: cguro isa ka sa mga andun sa Wee Nam Kee at Bon Chon noh. grabeh, ang dami talagang tao.

  3. hahaha wala, di pa ako nakakapunta dun. :P sweaaar!

  4. you always end your meal with nice dessert plates! I'm so envious!

  5. Nice resto, will put this on my gotta-be-here list, lets go there @peachy!!!

  6. @Peach: i have an unorthodox ordering sequence, i always open menu from back to front-- meaning, dessert first then main course and lastly appetizer(if i still have a gastronomic space for it).

    @Rome: you and Peach should try it out.

  7. john ray, is not unusual for a newly opened, hyped up foreign restaurant to be full. i'm waiting for the crowds and "hysteria" to die down before i try eating at wee name kee or bon chon.

    sama mo naman kami sa mga food adventures mo! kakainggit!

  8. @LadyE: oh yes, kaso, you know the foodie in me is itching to try em all out. oo bah, sama ka next pig out adventure.


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