Monday, November 22, 2010

Harry's Bar Restorante Italiano at Venice Piazza

If only there were faux Grand Canal, Rialto, and a tower of St. Mark standing within the landmark, the Venice Piazza would have been a spitting image of a perfect Italian scene.

However the Venice Piazza is still the closest one can get when we talk about the famous Italian panorama that somehow shared the same spot as Santorini as far as grandeur is concerned. Replete with statues sticking on the high towers, a water display, and some performers doing Operatic arias, the place is a magnifico esposizione.

After the Nessun Dorma, my favorite clasical piece, was rendered, I immediately headed off to a restaurant to have a fill. Where else to complete the Italian aura than at Harry's Bar Restorante Italiano.

Harry's Bar is essentially a trattoria type, not a restoranti-- something that shatters the monotony of stiff and utterly formal dining. Inside one can see the arrays of Italian wines lined up on the walls, just right at the foothold of paintings made of well-renowned Italian artists. It's a small, squared cubbyhole that has a requisite brick walls and a vibrant yellow colored palette added the casual atmosphere of the place. A slew of al fresco tables scattered outside for those diners who fondly smoke. Nothing else brings this place a welcoming spirit than those white, rattan woven chairs for a relaxed conversazione. But according to Chef Ivan Bayona, the colored plates added to that.

That night, i got myself an in-house set course, composed of Antipasto, Primo, Secondo, and Dolce which are Verdure Alla Grilla(grilled zucchini, eggplants and onions in balsamic dressing), Aglio E Olio(a spaghetti with chilli, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil), Chicken Parmigiana(Chicken breast stuffed with spinach, salame and mozzarella cooked in a creamy white wine and sage sauce served with a side of salad), and three Decadent cupcakes(made of Belgian chocolate). All for a spanking cheap Php600 + 10% SC.

To conclude my meal is a Basilicor which is a refreshing Orange cooler with basil and a shot of Vodka for only Php140 + 10% SC. Basilicor is one of the first cocktail concoctions of their prime chef, Chef Stef Zanirato.

It's one of the best Italian-induced nights I ever had without spending a Euro currency.


  1. @Smarla: Venice Piazza is at McKinley Hill.

  2. that is really affordable! hmmm... i think i'm going to have an Italian dinner at home one of these days...

  3. @LadyE: amongst all them, i like the Aglio E Olio, the Chicken in the Chicken Parmigiana, and that Decadent-style cupcake. i could have ordered pizza, but i just hit my MiniStop and grab myself a Peewee Pizza Flavor. lol. :)

  4. That is really a cheap price considering you ate all that!


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