Sunday, November 14, 2010

Loop Creative Dining

At the Zuellig Loop, back of The Column, is a restaurant with an obviously compelling name, you guess it, Loop Creative Dining. Seems like the creators didn't really bother thinking other names creatively but their menu.

Loop Creative Dining is a restaurant school of Institute of Culinary Arts and Food Service. It has an emblem of infinity, which may symbolize an infinite way to creatively concoct a menu, apart from the fact that a calligraphy design is a common and elegant integration of most dining havens.

Headed by Chef Joey Herrera, Loops promises cooking that goes beyond science; emotion and expression are elements that flourishes into an ultimate hearty meal, where creativity is their core competency.

The interior is modest, no fancy ceiling, but it was sleek and classy. Spherical lighting fixtures of the round table are astutely coherent to its infinity design.

That night, I got myself a Grilled Double-Cut Porkchop(Php380 + 10% SC), it was really thick with a home-made apple barbecue sauce. Mashed Potato Souffle(Php75 + 10% SC) added a flavorful goodness of the meat.

Topping it all, I grabbed a Grilled-Chicken Ceasar salad(Php195 + 10% SC), a combination of scrumptious chunks of grilled chicken breast, mixed greens, and Ceasar dressing. And the salad is probably one of the best salads I have ever tasted.

Although I ordered a Loop Iced Tea(Php80 + 10% SC), highly recommended, which has a mango tanginess and a right amount of froth, I was given a courtesy drink Butterbean(Php180 + 10% SC but was given FREE by the Chef), a Caribbean-based cocktail that is comprised of Malibu, Butterscotch schnapps and a doze of vanilla vodka c/o Chef Francis Tarin.

Although the menu is a paltry, it has all the categories you need on food and beverage, and they were done well. Customer service is snappy and efficient, parking space abounds.

Loop yourself in.


  1. I would have to try that iced tea. I've heard a lot about Loop..

  2. love the write up, nicely written. short but sweet. :)

    hmmm i want to try that iced tea. :)

  3. @Smarla: thank you. but i'm far from being Mark Bittman and Sam Sifton of the food/restaurant review industry. hehehe.


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