Friday, November 5, 2010

Ultimate Taste Test 5.0 at the Fort

Food is what unites us all. It is the universal language of man that wherever it sprung from and whatever culture it once was derived at, it is still draws nations together into one common goal, satisfaction.

My friend who supplied pastries at a known coffee shop coaxed me to join and be one of the 1,000 foodies to review 50 concoctions of the country's finest food moguls.

Already on its 5th leg, Ultimate Taste Test is the gathering of up-and-coming box office wonders in the food industry. In this event, a number of concessionaires prepare samples of their specialties and hand them out to the reviewers of the event for food-tasting.

This event serves as the perfect ground for fresh food suppliers, restaurants and food manufacturers to present their latest food creations to the Filipino society. Food suppliers may choose to serve food from any food and drinks category: appetizers, main courses, desserts, beverages.

The formidable battle between connoisseurs' taste and concessionaires' feast began at the NBC Tent, Global City(at The Fort).

Topping off the review is a choice of a bottle of San Miguel Super Dry, Premium All-Malt or Cerveza Negra.

Congratulations to Anton and Rachelle and to all who concerted for this biggets F&B event of the year. Congratulation to OurAwesomePlanet(dot)com.


  1. Too bad I didn't see you. :) thanks for posting this link in my blog. Hope to see you in the next UTT!


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