Friday, November 12, 2010

Bono Yaki: Bona fide yakiniku

Along the stretch of C5 of E.Rodriguez Ave. lies Bono Yaki, a new dining destination bound to satisfy your endless gastronomic pit with its smorgasbord, smokeless grill set up.

At the second level of where the Mercury Drug is located at is this restaurant that just had a grand opening last July of this year. The restaurant boasts of the best value-for-money buffet that and sushi bar via yakiniku theme. The huge mirror wall(with a reflection me while taking a picture of it) with a lighted Bono Yaki signage is a centerpiece of the interior's design element.

Upon entrance, you will be welcomed by a slew of friendly, well-trained staff who will guide you into your preferred spot and make everything ready for you. The ambiance is cozy for a nice hearty talk, redolent of a prestigious Chinese restaurant with demographics that are mostly professional crowds taking extended business courses into their mealtime.

I have been sinfully indulging these types of restaurants whenever my appetite ruthlessly sets in, and the best that I had so far was at the Urameshi-Ya, however they're darned too pricey.

Bono Yaki may change the way we do with grill outs with the combination of its cold kitchen desserts, cold cuts standards, and the comestible readily-cooked entrees. And they even serve ice cream for those who'd like to polish the eating session with conventional desserts.

On the buffet table, they have Gindara, salmon, tuna, tuna sashimi, squid sashimi, squid and of course, shrimp, but the shrimp was a hit. Their were even filler dishes that you can munch while waiting for your meats to get properly cooked. To top it all, they also have a salad bar with a plethora of eight compound salads.

We grabbed thin slices of bacon, meat, shrimp, and a whole gamut of grillables into our table, a viking feast that we never thought we can ravage.

Pigging and picturesqueing with me is a two-month pregnant Dianne c/o Francis. :)


  1. The place looks nice and comfy too! Oo nga, kita ka nga sa mirror, hehe.

    Love the presentation.

  2. @Katey: this time, it wasn't too far from Ortigas. just C5, in front of the Citibank Building. you can bring ze BF and try this out, just Php480 during weekdays. Php580 on week ends.

  3. @cafe'mobility: haha! lols! interesting. thanks john :)

  4. YUUUUUM! :D i want to go here :) i love their buffet table already. How much is their buffet?

  5. @Smarla: it's just one vroom away from Ateneo, along C5 stretch, and the building is where the Mercury Drug and Shell Canvass are residing at, just in front of Citibank. Php480 on weekdays(including bottomless drinks) and a Php580 during week-ends(add Php50 for bottomless drinks). are you planning an invasion? :)

  6. yes im already writing down a list of restos I have to go to! :D my list is so long already :))

  7. @Smarla: oh dear, you are as foodie as i am, someday i was wondering if we could exchange each other's list. :)

  8. I'm game with that! :) i'll compile them first all in one soft copy. :D


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