Thursday, November 11, 2010

Samsung Champ: Cheapest Touchscreen Phone

Touted as Samsung Libre in UK, this phone, a Samsung Champ C3300K in AsiaPacific, was indeed FREE c/o telco service provider as a second loyalty reward for this year. It pays to be a loyal customer and patient at an occasionally erratic delivered services. Well, nothing is perfect as they say, and that holds true with devices as well.

Same goes true with Samsung Champ C3300K. It doesn't have the usual bells-and-whistles, a lowly 1.3MP camera, no 3G, plus other several other glaring omissions, but the name itself champs over when it comes to the cheapest touchscreen-implemented phone, being retailed at Samsung Mobile Concept Shop for less than 5grand.

With specs such as a TFT resistive touchscreen that enabled display with the support for 240 x 320 pixels and a descent 2.4 inch size of about 256K colors, this may pale in comparison as compared to other touchscreen phones, but it's sufficient enough to handle basic functionalities. It even has an accelerometer sensor for auto-rotation of the user interface layer called TouchWiz Lite edition. My real obvious gripe is that it dwarfed on my large fingers.

Compact and stylish with a nice convenient grip, the Samsung Champ is targeted to youngsters(or feeling-young few) who are enamored at the exciting features like TouchWiz Lite, social networking services, FM Radio that plays without the headphones plugged in. And it even plays on the stereo speakers. There’s a microSD slot as well to hold an extensive music collection.

I have been using several Samsung phones for quite a long time now and I somehow noticed some software stupors such as an old browser and poor SNS support, but overall this one is simpler to use with a solid-built design.


  1. new phone again? hehe

    not bad for a touch screen.

  2. Ang liit ah! Smaller than my XpressMusic!

  3. @Kate: papa-terminate ko na kase line ko, kaya siguro nagbigay, hehehe. kala nila hindi ko itutuloy. :)

    @Michelle: laki kase ng kamay ko eh. pero seriously yes, maliit talaga yung phone. it's just almost the size of an ID and barely bigger than a business card. can't hardly type on QWERTY keys. i'm a QWERTY person pa naman, i hate keyboard repetitions.

  4. Hi Koya,,,, sana review mo naman yung APAD/EPAD/IPED yung china version ng IPAD,,,

  5. @moh: pagmakabili ako pareh, review ko.

  6. Cherry mobile has some of the cheapest touchscreen phones now. I dont know about the quality/durability though.

  7. @Catie: yeah, with the advent of Android-based, China-made cellphones, this part of the electronics industry has already been commoditized.


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