Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Borough: Slice of New York

I just had my breakfast today at Borough by Il Pontecillo at the Podium right before my meeting. Of course, I ensured to it that I will be full during the entire course of the grueling meetings I am slated for the day.

For those who have been sleepy slackheads with what's going on at the metro, Borough is a new spot to check out too. It is a loft-style bar inspired by the slice of the Big Apple, and just like New York, it's also is a restaurant that never sleeps by offering comfort food Brooklyn style 24x7.

The place is cozy for a relaxing conversation. The light green walls were accentuated by wooden trimmings, brown painted, and furnished with photoframes akin to the Sinatra era. Aside from the warm, floral upholstered seats were high chairs in similarly muted floral design rising at the communal tables made of wooden planks. It's homey for a deep conversation over a cocktail or a bottle of German beer, especially in the smoking ledge where a Mafia-themed seats were located at.

Even Borough's culinary savoir-faire is a New Yorker resident, Chef Cuit Kaufman.

Whipping up the meal to welcome my morning is a Steak and Eggs(Php450 + 10% SC) composed of sliced tenderloin steak with two scrambled eggs and a doze of chilli sprinkled home-fries.Because my morning can't live without rice, I ordered a cup of Jasmine Rice(Php40 + 10% SC).

Polishing my meal is a Granola mixture with Yoghurt, fresh milk, and slices of fresh fruits(Php260 + 10% SC).

My only gripe though are the Chowking type plate and the water that I am not sure if it is distilled or purified as it tasted like those fountain drains straight from NAWASA pipelines because it taste like green algae. I know because I have been drinking those types of water when the filtered reverse-osmosis'ed waters are not yet introduced to the public.

It's an exquisite New York dining experience minus the Statue of Liberty.


  1. I remembered when I went to Vegas and ordered Steak and Eggs too! Plus orange juice love it! Haven't tried this restaurant yet but it looks promising!

  2. I dont frequent Podium so I haven't seen this yet :)

    Once again, very nicely written! :) The granola mixture is calling me, it looks delicious!

    Btw, I also can't live without rice in the morning

  3. I feel too full na just looking at what you ate...Whew!

    And thanks for putting the prices! = )

  4. @LadyE: thanks. i will try to backtrack my credit card slips and restaurant receipts to fill out all prices.

    @Smarla: which places are you gallivanting to check out delectable cuisines.

    @michelle: wow.. you've been to Vegas. cool. hanggang Vigan lang ako eh. hehehe.

  5. Love scrambled eggs..

    OT: Joooohhhhnnnn~ I saw your TV appearance in your facebook, you lost so much weight. Galing!

  6. @katey: thanks. yes, i'm losing weight, diabetes-related. hehehe.

  7. Hi John Ray, im visiting Maginhawa Street restos :)

  8. @Smarla: did you visit MrsM's Delish Cuisine? i think it's her brother's restaurant. which resto have been into.


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