Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LG Optimus One: Another budget Android Phone

Hell no, this wasn't hatched out of the LG sale some few weeks back. Not that I don't want to grab that steal-deal of 50% off slashdown, I was actually there, but just to witness the event. I dread that the long lines will be insanely lengthy, and it indeed was. And as a technology journalist, I am always there to cover tech-related events, where it happens, when it happens.

This LG Optimus One was priced at SRP Php12,990. Although, some off-mall shop offering gray market units can get one for around Php12k at a cost of an uncertain warranty entitlement.

So what makes this LG glaringly sought after than the other sale item that same day which is Nokia C6. Let's dissect it:

The screen is just an HVGA, one that pixelates when you zoomed out pictures. virtual keyboard is the de facto Android keyboard which is not really appealing, although one can get a plethora of keyboard options at the Android market. Camera is a 3megapixel snapper but not a LED flash to light out dark shooting conditions. I like it sturdy feel over Samsung Galaxy 5, but the physical buttons(Menu, Home, back, Search) devoid its glamour. It would have raised a design ante had it sported similar HTC Wildfire's optical buttons.

Although this has a whole slew of connectivity options like HSDPA, Wifi, and 3G, one that really makes me a mad cow virulent to covet it is the Android Froyo. I asked same thing to the people during the sale event. Some would say it is because of the Android OS 2.2 which promises to topple iOS 4, while most says they're merely bargain hunters. I belong to the Android demographics, although I am a happy iOS user as well. Surprisingly none ever expressed affirming brand loyalty to LG. That chaotic sale event may further antagonize LG and foster "brand insulation".

My verdict with this phone is that, at it's price point, it is already a perfect blend of price and functionality. If you want more frills, grab one with a heftier price-- PRICE is always a key indicator of electronic device's desirability value.

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