Saturday, November 20, 2010

Everything at Steak: Cheapskate Steak

After a knuckle hard basketball game that Saturday, we headed off to Wilson Street to swing el cheapo steaks without bludgeoning our pockets.

Located oddly at a gasoline station, the place is a hit among steak lovers and families who like to have more by spending less. The place is indeed a vicarious attempt to have a quality, Filipino-style steak pegged at an amazingly affordable price.

On the counter were three orange orb lights that gives a warmth to the ambiance. It's a fairly small place, one that only accommodate around 20 tables, or maybe even less. Surprisingly, the size of the place is inversely proportional to the serving quantity of their entrees.

In any restaurant, one can never go wrong with the house speciality. So I ordered a T-Bone Steak(Php195) with cheesy swirl pasta toped with a meatball and a cup of rice and a 1/3 pound Burger(Php145)which is a ground chuck patties on a lightly toasted bun. It's a juice toasted burger with lettuce pickle relish, tomatoes, marinated in balsamic vinegar, caramelized onions, and American cheese served with a bed of home-style fries and spicy yogurt dressing on the side. As if it ends there, I actually ordered an additional patty and cheese(Php50). For a change since he is frequenting the place for a steak, Edgie ordered a Lamb Shoulder(Php195) with potato salad and a cup of rice. The side dishes were itself flavorful and they were plentiful.

We ended up with waistlines enlarged, belts crying for help, and a shirt bulging out from our tummies.

Everything at Steak is an ingenious concept of Chef Allan Chan who studied culinary arts in Vancouver. It is indeed a treasure trove of steak goodness at such a bang-for-the-buck value. At its price range, it is one of Manila's best and is astutely fitting for the gourmand eater in all of us, not minding the location.


  1. I always see this resto when I visit my friend's bakeshop around the area Hmm I'll give it a try. :)

    Have you tried Ristras and Balkan Express in that area?

  2. Where exactly? It is cheap! can one request their stake to be medium rare?

  3. @Smarla: very yes, of course, Balkan Express, home of Serbian cuisine. it's essentially a comfort food style of Serbian cooking. and i know Ristras through the Cyma and Charlie's Burger Joint but i have never been there. people at Cyma said they(Ristras) serve mejicano los alimentos. cierto?

    @kitten: it's at P.Guevarra cor Wilson Street.

  4. alam ko na kung anong gift ko sa iyo sa Christmas! Alka Seltzers!!!

  5. @Peach: the burger tastes really good too.

    @LadyE: how sweet. samahan mo na rin ang aspilet para may chewing gum ako. :)

  6. Naku! I haven't tried this place yet. PhP195 for a steak is certainly cheap huh! I hope the steaks are easy to chew hehe

  7. @Michelle: for its price, it was really good. and we are just one stone-throw away from Serenitea and House of Lasagna. there aren't just any spaces anymore in our gastronome to drop by there.


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