Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Who is Salt

After having read some of the Vince Flynn(whom I fondly regard as young Clancy) books, my affinity to espionage had once again surge into fervor burning.

Lately, with some of my dear 'friendly friends'(not that I have bitchy friends), we hit the silverscreen with Angelina Jolie's latest movie. Our expectation has been relatively low since in this economic impecuniousness, some award-winning actors and actresses suffered from waning movies(remember Wanted by same actress Jolie?)

But this time however, I should say that this movie packed certain goodness in terms of plot twisting and storyline divergence. There are some inconsistencies in the movie of course, like how frailty Salt was when trying to elude the speeding cars in the highway, but ended up single-handedly braving 200-300 pound men and knocking them off unconscious. Also, lakes in the US are freezing cold that any topnotch Russian spy may not be able to survive hypothermia. But hey, that's what movies are for, to exaggerate and at times bend reality.

I am not a Butch Francisco on movie review but I can fairly say that this may pack a 4 star rating. And where else would we watch it than at the cinema where unlimited supply of popcorn abound a La-Z-boy comfort of Ultra 7.

Some folks over at GMA7(where I live near at) said that this movie ought to be a role for Tom Cruise but he preferred to take on Knight&Day instead.

While I think it was a good decision for the producers to get Jolie coming from her wide range of action-film experience as Lara Croft and the assassin from Wanted, it was also understandable for Cruise to reject the role outright as that might be associated by the audience as 'nothing more than a rehash of Ethan Hunt' in Mission Impossible franchise.

This movie seemed like a directorial job of Pierre Morel(Taken and From Paris with Love) but with less emotional ardor. But this one is an artistry of Philip Noyce, same director who brought The Bone Collector and The Saint.

Overall, this packed hard-hitting action from beginning to end, a must-watch spy movie.

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