Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mabuhay Lounge wiFi

I always have a niggling feeling that PAL flights always get delayed because they have a quite dubious history at it. In fact, their history of being a non-stickler of time has been a source of other competitor airline's marketing campaign slash brand positioning, while for others, a source of laughing stock and mockery.

And as an iota of proof, if this blog is completed, that means that I have all the time in this damn world waiting for my damn plane. Oh yeah, I'm in Mabuhay Lounge now, wifi-eing to my heart's delight and reviewing the scientific journals for my presentation at the Manila Planetarium while waiting for my boarding readiness.

Good enough that their wifi speed is satisfactorily speedy, and best of all it's free, otherwise, I would have been killed with utter boredom. Or rather left off by reading offline files, e.g., Scientific American magazine in pdf.

Airports nowadays placed dedicated laptop stations where people can saunter around, Skype their friends and family, and shout out Facebook wall. There's nothing like a cool amenity than wifi as it bridges digital divide from the main highway to the information super highway.

The lounge is huge enough to accommodate several laptop station at every strategic gate clusters.

For those who are not lugging around laptops, ebook readers, or any electronic files(from their cellphone), I'd suggest you bring yourself a nice hearty read novel. That will ease away the discomfort of waiting, at least for some part.

Now time to catch my plane.


  1. While waiting for our plane, DH and I eat and eat and eat some more lol
    Thanks for dropping by!

  2. so which airport cafe and/or restaurant are you frequenting. here and abroad.

  3. I love the airport in HCMC very grandiose! The food is very good too! Hong Kong airport has a chinese restaurant that serves very good asado meal topping.
    BTW, with regards to my new header, I am trying to achieve a high fashion look thus the photo of my eye alone lol haha


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