Monday, August 9, 2010

Blending the foodie trend

My pals at the office are launching a smear campaign and a weight-loss challenge called "Biggest Loser Winner". This is very timely industry-wise. In that challenge, one has to lose 10lbs within a month's time. Those who can't reach the quota will have to pay Php2,000. The pot money will have to be partaken by those who are able to successfully unload unwanted fats and compounding cholesterols up to 10lbs or more. I dread that the pot money will be used to fill in the deprived longing for smorgasbord meals. Haha.

Timely I should say as par as food industry is concerned. have you ever noticed that the latest trend among the foodie revolution nowadays is shifting towards a healthy diet? With the myriad of fitness-related events like takbo etc. , Manila's prandial folks are now super-wary about their health statistics. The intake will have to be in the healthier side, be it veggie-loaded meals, light and easy ready-to-drinks, or yogurt-replaced dessert, every pound of calorie will have to be measured depending on the body's need.

I, for one, have to give up some explicit sweetness in life. Instead of stuffing my gastric-tank with a pint of Haagen Dazs, I now have to lay low on yogurts. And as a nutritious measure, I may have to visit yogurt(non-powdered) houses more often.

Although I didn't join the barricade of losing 10lbs with my colleagues because of the upcoming town fiesta, birthday invitations, baby showers, and foodie adventures brewing my schedule, I may have to lose a bit of pounds in the long run.

For those who won't be able to join the office's fat marauding, you can go with me on our "underground restaurant" adventure, starting off with the Chinese Restaurant With No Name in Rockwell. Legend has it that they serve spicy Hunan cuisine and that freshly-migrated Chinese locals are frequenting the place.

And for those who doesn't really know what I am talking about, "underground restaurants" are basically non-mainstream, usually offsite resto's that serve niche entrees, authentic to certain taste and race.

.... Because being healthy is a definite plus to one's mobility.


  1. I am curios about this Chinese restaurant with no name in Rockwell. Were is it exactly in Rockwell?

  2. Camia street, near Guadalupe City Hall. just before you reach Rockwell.


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