Friday, August 20, 2010

Creative Juices at Work

One formative reasons why I grab a Mac is to be able to stir in a mobile computer a creative juice complimented with an adequate horsepower and applications and ultimately churn out great pieces of digital artwork.

A bit late for feature blogging though, just a few months back I was commissioned to create a menu for a sports bar for Chef Liezl of Philippine Airlines. She is about to put up a soccer-themed bar at the Bonifacio High Street, The Fort and at Madrigal Business Park, Ayala Center Cebu.

I also helped out in the proliferation of the brand concept, being a marketing practioner myself, and it turned out to be a way ahead of the time. Way ahead since there aren't any soccer-specific bars out there. There are numerous sports bar but no sports specialization.

Months after that came the FIFA madness and everybody was rooting on their favorite country of origin and contingent favorites. That FIFA-craze is what I plotted as a central-hosted event once the bar opens.

The bar, catering to sports fanatics and some office folks nearby, is figured to be a thriving sports bar and restaurant operation known for its delectable blend of sportive spirit and sumptuous hearty American-Italian meal. It's a place where soccer enthusiasts celebrates stadium victories beyond stadium confines, and for amateurs to display their vigorous stardom-quality with friends. Indeed, San Siro Sports Bar's core competency is anchored through fulfilling all known gastronomic goodness that nourish sportsman's appetite, serving on big platters and beers. In the completion, they hope to usher a good after-sports ambiance for sportsmen and spectators-alike, celebrating game and gourmet in just one setting.

During one of our brain-draining brand management discussion, they ask as to why I have chosen San Siro as its name and why the menu is themed after Italian and American soccer players. My modest answer:

"Italians and Americans are one of the best soccer breeds in the world, topping in the chart with leading scores of the major league. San Siro, now known as Stadio Giuseppe Meazza, seats the most fans and hosted global highlights in the soccer arena. It is a stadium where champions celebrate. It is where the creme de la creme meet and match, the blending of the best, the amalgamation of the supreme. It is where triumphs are told.

And what else could be better than the epitome of the best Italian and American cuisine fused into one house of mouth-watering goodness. San Siro's menus are based on the best soccer players in the Italian and American league(e.g., David Beckham and Andrea Pirlo)."

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