Sunday, August 8, 2010

Qoola coolah

It seems like I am magnetized at every angle by anything Canadian. My favorite coffee shop too is Canadian-based. And lately, in my frenzied search for a feel-good cold dessert, I am lured to yogurt cafes instead of the hardcore gourmet coffee shops.

I am been to almost every yogurt houses and chill out joints, from Yogurt Nation to Red Mango, from Golden Spoon to Cold Spoon, from Tutti Frutti to California Berry.

Yet, nothing really sashayed my 'diabetically'-roused, sweet glands than the blissful taste at Qoola's yogurt in variety of flavors. Nothing to fear, I should say. Afterall yogurt is a healthier option than sundaes and ice creams.

Qoola is a Canadian-sprung yogurt chain hitting the metro, weening their flagship fresh-frozen yogurt with natural ingredients and all its probity and goodness.

They currently have four based flavors, raspberry, original, banana something and a chocolate something. Of course, I didn't pay attention to other dispensers since my heart was throbbing for the green tea, which they don't have at the moment. So I opted for the original variant instead. Although one can always ask for a free taste, in which the very accommodating staff will not deprive you with, I am so bent already on getting the original if I can't get the tangy green tea.

I chose all-natural toppings to go with it, mango, strawberry and kiwi. That makes my yogurt topped in three pirme colors, green, red, and yellow.

This place has been a frequent afternoon pilgrim of me and my friends but for scrimpy reason, I never bothered to blog on it. Until now. Now that I am alone, relishing the week-end afternoon amidst the drizzle of rain.

As always, one cardinal feature of a restaurant or cafe for me is the ambiance. And I can fairly say that the ambiance is warm and vibrant. Transparent chairs, comfortably cushioned seats in white leather, and minimalist design makes the interior stylish and young. I like the embellished Japanese inspired wood bars crossing the monotony of the window and glass view.

Not only do I find the ambiance lavishly inviting, they have free wifi as well. And I am writing this blog as it happens. Everyone need not feel alone if they're hooked up with wifi, as they can Skype their hearts out with friends.

Locals and ex-pats converge in this place where entree crosses cultural boundaries.

Saunter along with me with life-changing talk over a feel-good doze of yogurt.

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